I am looking for people 50 to 65 semi retired, retired veterans and senior citizens. I have some nice property and live semi off grid. Their is property at a reasonable price with no restrictions to live on. Its a good place to get away from the rat race. This is a nice place to fish, hunt, 4-wheeling, etc. We can bring our resources together and enjoy a nice peaceful life while we can. Things are getting crazy in this world, so lets enjoy it while we can. I am looking for people who would like to build small tiny homes. Their is a sawmill close by. The place is semi secluded. A nice town close by. And a very nice lake. I am looking for people to come together and grow their own food. Work together and live around one another. We will have solar power, wind power, generators, for power sources. Their is water available. Looking for people who can handle this type living. The winters are mild here. So if your interested, then feel free to message me back. I am a semi retired veteran myself.    

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19 Responses to “Get Away Community”

  1. Darek

    Welcome .
    I am determined to join an off-grid community, in a warm climate (Caribbean), I can contribute to the land / island purchase cost, or do some community work.
    I also have enough resources to purchase a few hectares of land, for example in the Dominican Republic, and invite those willing to join an adventure there.
    In both cases, please contact: darekkulis@op.pl
    Best wishes .

  2. melesa

    this sounds perfect. are you still looking for people? please contact me.

  3. Em

    Am interested in your situation and see if there is a fit.

    I have lived off the grid before and have a lot of knowledge about it.

    Need to have more information from you, where is your place located? and more questions?

  4. Leslie

    I have been trying to figure out how to start something like this myself. I was going to take my retirement money and buy some large acreage and have an Aquaponic farm built on it. Then I was going to invite other like minded individuals, with their ideas and input. But this sounds like a good idea too!

  5. JerriLynn

    I’m interested indeed!
    I’m 51, and getting ready to build my own Tiny Home now!
    Sounds like this could be what I’m looking for. I’m currently living in Central Va, and would love to get more information, and share what I may have to “Bring to the table”!
    (So to speak)

  6. Bill Kratzer

    I find your situation interesting, I have a skill set that is geared to reusing, fixing, old equipment, and old electronics. raised as a diesel mechanic, and love working on generating equipment, wind,solar,hydro., singlke mostly, large dog, tools and a simple dodge cummins pickup, runs on red diesel, willing to turn into power plant. What are you looking for now ? also I’m a Marine

  7. TONY PA

    Hi.. Sounds great!
    where is the location
    need more info $
    Family of 4, educated… but looking debt free living!

  8. butch schultz

    im single on disable have some medial i have all ways wated to live like this it seams like i always get side tracked i used to have contracting business i have old pick up i have all my own tools skills saws4 tablesaws 3 drill press 1raidal armsaws 2 gigsaws 4 sanders bandsaw1 routers3 chainsaw 2 hand drills elcty andbattery ext cords every thing for regular wood shop i have stick welderer cuting torches air compressers air tools air jack sawssaw3 mechinc tools cncrect tools ad the know how to use them i have 28 ft travle trailer i have my dis abllety check to live on ilack funds for protity and material and muscile so if i might be of helpo what do you have

  9. Annie

    Interested to know where you are and details. 50 years old and have wanted this since I was 10.

  10. Nathaniel Williams

    I am a fairly healthy 60 yr old. This sounds really interesting. The kind of living situation I’ve searched for forever. Where is the location. I have a small fixed income,but no savings. Is it to be a diverse community or is it more suited to Republican southerners

  11. Dennis Manz

    I would like more details such as location (city and state), financial requirements and/or any investment money required, photos of property, and more details as to who you are and what your plan is for the alternative energy community you propose. Also how large of a community do you foresee this being?

    I am senior citizen, 66 year old male, and have been doing professional property caretaker work since 2006. I am currently care-taking a large ranch in the Abiquiu, New Mexico area. I will be leaving this ranch and the area sometime between the end of August and Labor Day 2016. I am looking for a new living/survival situation where I can grow my own vegetables, prosper, and truly enjoy life in peace.

  12. Mike

    Im 46 from Ky , never been in MILATRY have been in security , I come from a majority of MILATRY family i have – ptsd , I was raiaed on a farm , I have some healty issues and was forced to live on a small disabilty check im for the 1st time in my life without a home or car living in a homeless shelter under government contol i know where ti get untracable encrypted phones i know whats going on with our gicernment i want to diappear as in vanish no newer electronics as i leave drop everything i have tracable in the river non tracebale i have some skills on living off the land that are more than what the average person has can i get some info please !! A FED UP AMERICAN !!

  13. Ken

    Hi, this sounds like what I have been looking for, but I need more information, where, when, what, who, how ,etc. Thanks Ken

  14. Rob

    Hello! I am a Navy vet, 53. Not quite yet retired (Engineer), but getting close. I am interested enough to ask for more information please. Also, if I do something like this, I want to be sure it is Christian friendly.

  15. Ritch

    Hi, I am very interested, and I have many useful skills. I am single with no children, and am a healthy 50 year old.
    I would be very grateful to hear back from you.



  16. Beth

    I have had the same idea…buying land and starting a community like it used to be in the old days. I’m soon to be 55, my partner is 57 a vet and a retired fireman. I’m interested in the location of the property to see if I have further interest in your venture. Looking forward to hear back from you.

  17. Patricia Foust

    Just what I’m looking for. This world gets crazier by the day. Are children allowed? I want a safe place to raise my children. Thank you.

  18. Ro

    I would like more information. I am a Navy veteran living in a homeless shelter. I just turned 60 last Monday. Where is this land? Do you require money upfront? I am new to this. I’d like to find permanent housing, I am on disability. Whatever information you can give about what I’d need to do to become a part of your community would be most helpful. Thank you.