I am looking for people 50 to 65 semi retired, retired veterans and senior citizens. I have some nice property and live semi off grid. Their is property at a reasonable price with no restrictions to live on. Its a good place to get away from the rat race. This is a nice place to fish, hunt, 4-wheeling, etc. We can bring our resources together and enjoy a nice peaceful life while we can. Things are getting crazy in this world, so lets enjoy it while we can. I am looking for people who would like to build small tiny homes. Their is a sawmill close by. The place is semi secluded. A nice town close by. And a very nice lake. I am looking for people to come together and grow their own food. Work together and live around one another. We will have solar power, wind power, generators, for power sources. Their is water available. Looking for people who can handle this type living. The winters are mild here. So if your interested, then feel free to message me back. I am a semi retired veteran myself.    

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