Private not secluded 20 acres 100 % off grid,  surrounded by much more forest yet 15 mins from town. Looking for motivated able body and minded who would be elated to begin from the ground up. We are interested in those who choose elbow grease over debt,  think with creativity / problem solving and love to free source.

Here’s a bit of the DIY list…

Round wood building.  Dab and wattle.  Cob. Tiny home on wheels.  Small trailer remodel.

Ponds. Swales. Rain catchment.

Wind / solar power. Rocket mass heaters. Saunas. Outdoor kitchen. Smoker.

Dogs welcome.  No cats. No smoking no smoking no smoking.  Be queer friendly.  And believe in cultural equality .

Please contact via keepmeinthelight@yahoo.

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6 Responses to “Gal power !!”

  1. Seth

    I left a post but gave the wrong contact info. My name is Seth, I’ve been living off grid alone and backpacking around the country for several years now and doing a lot of stealth camping. I have excellent survival skills and would love to teach them. I also have many other skills to offer, maintenance, mechanic, laber, inventor, urban survival, primitive skills, construction, carpentry, and assembly. I’m very interested in joining your community. My skills are your skills. Gave wrong contact info this is my contact info … please contact and let’s talk.

  2. EARL


  3. john c.gaston

    it would be great if your location where included.please contact wth imfo and then i will explain who i am and what iam capable of creating.clinton

  4. LindaVall

    I am interested your place. I come with gardening, canning, and electrical experience. I also come with steady income as I am retired. I am looking for a off grid community where I can achieve solitude without being a recluse. I am interested in keeping a chicken coop and have a dog. I do not smoke cigarettes however I do smoke pot. If that is an issue then just let me know.

  5. Jordan

    I am very interested!! but I have a 5 month old son would this be a problem? (please email me response!

  6. blue

    This land is in ferndale Washington near Canadian border and mt. Baker