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Like most of you, I’m looking to move off grid, and hoping to do so as soon as possible. I’d like to find or join you on some land that is secluded, but near enough to a town for a part time job. As Much as I would like to go moneyless, there’s just too much over-head cost for me to give up my income entirely- at least for the time being.
So why don’t we join forces and make this happen?

A little about me: I’m 24, a mechanic in training, I won’t miss Wisconsin weather, but likely going to miss other things about it, if and when I leave. I’ve made some poor choices in the past, buying things I don’t need, being wasteful, learning what damage our technology has done to the world; I’d like to make a better choice this time.
I don’t agree that other people should be profiting more than myself for my hard labor, I’ve been earning so much, and spent nearly every dime of it on rubbish… That is, until recently.
I’ve only discovered Earthships within the last few months, and off the grid living, was a new concept to me just a couple years ago. The auto industry has given me nothing but headaches and stress that seems completely unneeded. (note: it’s a useful skill anywhere I go, not something I’ll forget anytime soon, but as cars become more and more electrical, fixing a car will be done with a computer and a software update, the small fortune I have in tools will be obsolete not so many years from now) Life could be so much simpler and an infinite times happier, and that is why I want to move off grid.

I’ve grown a large garden every summer, and have huge faith in the potential of aquaponics. I’ve had aquariums in my bedroom since I was little, and use the waste water for my plants. Ideal situation, I would like to build an aquaponic system off-grid, raising fish rather than farm animals.
I should also note that i am by no means a vegetarian, but I hate the thought of having to slaughter another mammal. I’ve been hunting before, hated almost every minute of it. Fish, I just don’t feel that connected and could manage to eat that which I raised.

If I could find a place near a natural water source, that would be fantastic. It’ll make everything easier, but with the way things are going, who knows how long any of our water supplies will last.

Anyways, that’s my spiel. I’m looking to join anyone who has already committed, or to join with anyone interested in starting out. I don’t have much saved for the project, and it will be about 1 year until my debts are paid off. But in the mean time, I would like to begin collecting supplies, getting a trailer ready for the big move, buying the solar kits, building materials, digging through Craigslist posts, all so that as soon as I am able, as soon as WE are able, we can go without looking back.

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