[before_listing id=447 images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/c10a7763f564fe8ee9eb6a9cf3ca0c7c.jpg youtube=null] I am off the grid, and am SOLELY offering Freelance Casual and General Labor odd job Services unto those whom need Freelance Casual and General Labor odd job Services, thank you in advance, good day.

You can find me anywhere on the web/internet by searching: jeffreydavidmorris, jeffmorris269, jeffmorris69. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tribe.net and vast etc elsewhere on web/internet; Meantime, feel free to visit me on my website: http://www.jeffreydavidmorris.com

Think about it like this, I AM, a a great investment.

$10/hr. with (2)/hr. minimum, Cash, no going on any payroll or pay in/by check (s). I ask for (24)/hr. advance notice as to plan my commute to clientele (via http://www.metro.net); exhibit business and professional attitude, detail oriented and take pride in the work that I am given, but I am quick about it, thus, I get the job done right the first time. All clientele must supply OR already possess/have on-site location item’s for any tasks or duties to be carried out by me – http://www.99only.com.

Driver’s License: Class C – (Automatic, not manual transmission), exp 02/17/2012.

This is my over (7) year sole proprietorship, (2005 – current/present) – “Freelance Casual and General Labor odd job Services” business. $16,000/profit per my documented ‘Financials’ and semi-business plan.

TASKS / SKILLS / EXPERIENCE: Light industrial, Forklift Certified, Operated powered and non powered Pallet Jacks, UPS on-line, Shipping and Receiving, Inventory and Rotating Stock, Re-Stocking, Loading and Unloading vehicles, Entry Level General Office (filing, phones, misc.) and Customer Service, as well as Entry Level Graphic Web Design, computer / PC project’s using Windows 95 / 98 / XP / (Microsoft Word, Internet, email), and Basic / Elementary Spanish and American Sign Language. As well as odd job’s: housecleaning, mover’s assistant / helper, minimal yard work, minimal laundry, washing (dishes / vehicles), groundskeeping, janitorial. I’ve also done TV / Film background scene work as well as interned on various student and independent low – budget film / video production projects, performing various production department assisting, such as craft service’s and boom operator. Also I can do house and pet sitting, organizing, ETC, MISC. So amidst a pre – discussion, question is: ‘What do you need done, completed, been wanting to get around to but haven’t (yet) or would like to have done and/or completed?

ADDITIONAL (on me): I care about and am deeply passionate with progressive growth, teamwork (if needed) and exhibit professional / business – oriented attitude, as well as have a deep passion and utmost, utter respect for business and customer service, as well as customer satisfaction.

I got over (7) year’s of satisfied clientele; (some needing one-time service, while other’s – periodic/occasional service). And whether housecleaning, which has seemed to be my most requested, though I do as well tasks’ such as (cleaning out garage of ? & moving out to curb for city to pick-up), mover’s helper (loading/unloading of moving truck);

I do whatever reasonably in undertaking, carrying-out, following-thru and/or completing. AND I always seek to go extra mile my clientele; not because of given compensation, but because I expect myself to over-exceed clientele’s expectation’s. So please, let me know if I can help you.

My respectively confided clientele is comprised of men, women, and of various backgrounds’; my only key thing is ‘be on the real’ when I give my all and post request compensation (=) win-win situation. God bless. Here to please, over-achieve, complete and excel unto my fullness, unto the best of my ability.

My Traits: Agreeable, Caring, Communicative, Compassionate, Competent, Dependable, Easy Going, Trustworthy, Intelligent, Introverted, Kind, Neat, Open, Opinionated, Quiet, Rational, Sensitive, Simple, Spiritual, Talented, Trusting. http://www.jeffreydavidmorris.com
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