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[before_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/b24c887f47c0362b5f0de0c922c078e3.jpg youtube=null] My name is brant I am 25 from Utah. I am not religious I grew up camping, hunting, fishing. I know a little about trapping. Im very athletic and am very good in a garden. I love to cook and sculpt. I am good with carpentry and building things. I am looking to go off the grid with other people or a girl that would be up to the adventure. I think I have some good skills to offer and I need to be free in the outdoors![landbuddy_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/b24c887f47c0362b5f0de0c922c078e3.jpg youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “free me”

  1. JohnOTGUtah

    I have contacts for off the gid 5 acre lots. 4 avaialble in Northern Utah in the Fruitland area. Access to a small river. Buy all for cash or with a reasonable down payment and monthly payments I can build a cabin with solar, water storage, and other off the grid amenities. Near outdoor paradise. I also have access to larger lots in central and southern utah. 20+ acres for cash or with down payment and monthly payments . Prices ranging from $10,000-60,000. I would consider sharing in the venture. Friendly, positive, kind, honest, selfless, good hearted, and loving people are first in line! Goodemailme@aol.com

  2. rleefireman

    My wife and I are looking for a small community. We are hard workers. This will be new to us but we hope to make new friends

  3. Daniel Edell

    Hi, me and my wife are looking to also go off grid like everyone here and rather team up with some individuals to do it. We done research on the Earthships, created by Mike Reynolds and think that is the best way to go living off grid as it is solar/wind powered and you get your own water and food from your house as well. We live in Florida, but are def willing to relocate out of state to do this. We are musicians and im a school teacher for Physical Education. We are nice people who like to learn as much as possible and are looking for like minded people. If interested in becoming free and not be a slave to a job then shoot us an e mail describing what your goal is. Hope to hear back

  4. phraseghost

    Hello everyone. My name is Alan. I just discovered this website and am looking for like-minded people to join forces with. I’m a writer now, but was a general remodeling contractor for more than a decade. I’m in my forties and quite athletic. Please let me know if anyone knows of any self-sustaining communities that may be able to benefit from a guy like me (and who couldn’t lol :)).


  5. LilaJean

    I’m in the process of going off grid. Getting ready to buy a RV and move to Montello Nevada to buy 10 acres. I would love some company out there. It’s me and my son so far. I’m also creative and can come up with some inventive ways to do things. I’m 36 and disabled (ruined my back a few years ago) so i gotta get really creative on how to do the work. Not only do i wanna go off grid, but i want to be able to grow my own food and not rely on the stores for all my needs. right now it’s costing around 600 a month just in food if i actually could keep my food supply stocked. So it’s time to take the leap and head off into the unknown. Would love some company also if anyone would be interested.

  6. C24

    Hey Brant my name is Clay, im 24 years old a guy from SC here. Just wanted to let you know bro we think the same and your not alone. TOO BAD were not from the same state or we could partner up.

  7. Elaine M.

    Hi Lauren!
    I am 43 years young. Also an artist/art instructor/nature & wildlife photographer. I’m currently in Alaska near the Anchorage area. I am also interested in joining/ helping to finish building an off-grid community. I am looking for like-minded, open-minded, individuals willing to join me, pool resources, and skill sets to locate a community we can all help to successfully finish and sustain. I; like you, feel that us ‘creatives’ bring a lot to the table not only in terms of creativity and beauty, but also in terms of vision, creative problem solving, and a free and innovative spirit that can and will lend itself to successful, real-world, solutions. What I bring to the table is my extensive life experience, talents, and connections. I know an IT professional who is skilled at network set up and management. I am a great cook and baker. I cook (my specialty is vegetarian meals) and do some baking from scratch, some knowledge of organic gardening, alternative medicine, nutrition, and meditation. I am good at organizing, researching, designing, meal planning, decorating, social networking, and more!
    Although, I have some physical limitations due to a back injury/condition, and also have chemical sensitivities, which makes living in modern society challenging, especially when living with others; I am a hard and dedicated worker who enjoys the company of like-minded adults. I have lived in a group situation before and know that it requires emotional maturity, respect for self (healthy boundaries) and others, compassion, and compromise. In order for a community to thrive it will take team work and trust, therefore it is very important to research and visit communities whenever possible to ensure the right fit, so-to-speak. Right now I am in the research and social networking phase.
    I would love to hear from you and your thoughts.

  8. Lauren

    hey there!

    I’m a 23yr old artist/art teacher/administrator for a community center currently living in the Canadian Maritimes. I am interested in joining/helping to build a community. I’ve been working on my own landshare project set for Ecuador this time next year, but having trouble finding solid partners to buy land with. I’m a very open and positive girl with an old soul! I have great contacts being friends who have built earthships and an electrician willing to do free solar setup. I myself am a hard worker, smart thinker, artist and designer(I feel creativity and beauty bring a lot to the table as far as enjoyable community life) and have experience teaching/caring for children, if there is/are plans for a school or center. I also have a deep knowledge of food and nutrition and practice fermenting and other means of food preservation and am a fantastic cook. I love animals. I knit, and am handy with building. I’m proactive and great at promoting and fundraising. I have had issues with my health lately, and know that finding a happy and healthy sustainable community would give me the opportunity to heal from chemical sensitivities and autoimmune issues from modern north american life. I have a lot to offer and want to help others create and sustain a healthy way of life, and get the opportunity to heal myself. Love to hear from you, cheers!

  9. Michelle

    Brant and Pamela,
    I am twice Brants age however, in good shape and healthy. I too love to hunt fish and garden. I have been considering quite heavily going off the grid. The more research I do the more I just want to sell everything. It seem everyone is trying to out do the other with who has the biggest house and the best car. I just want a simple laid back life. I found this site by doing a search of land.
    looking forward to a response.

  10. Pamela

    Hey Brant,
    I went to school in Logan years ago and loved the area. We could start a Utah community if we could find a few more people and a good place. Maybe in central eastern part of the state. Not as many people and land should be cheaper. Or I could go back to NW Wyoming Big Horn area is really nice too.
    My email is Pameleviv@yahoo.com