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“I just want to thank you for building such a great site, and let you know I’ve lived off grid in Supreme Style since 1998,” says one of our readers.
It took 2 years to build my dream home near Springfield, Ill (well we’re Simpsons fans, so how could we resist?). I bought the land 18.4 acres with rolling hills and a creek going through the property, my private driveway is 1/2 mile long and my home is secluded. In 1996 and started building in the late fall. I had my home completely framed up and a tornado force wind came along and leveled it. I’ll never forget that morning I came out to work on it. I came up the hill to the home and found a pile of toothpicks. How to Design, Build, Remodel & Maintain Your HomeHow to Design, Build, Remodel & Maintain Your Home – buy it from Amazon

My heart sank, builders insurance came out and covered everything, but told me in order to keep my home insured, I would have to take it down to the concrete foundation. It took me 2 weeks to do so.
The beginning of winter I started rebuilding and never stopped until the end of 1997, and moved in 1998. I love my home but like anything else it has a price, and I’d be willing to sell it for the right one. Contact me for more pics.

Mike Smith

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