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    wild woman

    I live in the great Republic of Texas and want to welcome you. This is a great state to live in. No state income tax and a lot of wide open space. You might want to check into building a wind turbine. West Texas in the summer can be brutal unless you want to roast in your trailer you will need an ac. We have about 9 months of heat. May, June, July, August, September and the start of October are really hot. Just have enough money to go buy a window unit when you can’t stand it anymore. I live on the Gulf coast and I have had sucess with gardens and growing my own food here. What part of west Texas? This a huge state, with a hell of alot to see and do. Most of us are friendly even if we talk funny. We are also helpful and if you stay away from the big cities down home country folks. If you are willing to hunt there is plenty of game and fishing in our state, you will have to buy a permit for both.

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