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    Hi Holly, you should contact Nick directly about this.

    My personal reaction to producers looking for fresh meat, folk for their documentaries, I will tell you it’s not going to be easy, not around here anyhow, most the folk here are either wanting to live off grid (ie not doing it yet) or they are long timers at living off grid, most of us have seen the documentary reality shows and quite frankly it’s more about drama and less about reality, I think I am speaking for most here, we don’t want to be part of that circus act, not to mention the privacy issues, no thank you. I still wish you good luck with your venture.


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    Oh and depending on the weather, it’s possible to get stuck in here during rains and bad weather. And also depending on the amount of sun, electricity may be limited during cloudy days.

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    All depends on how primitive they live… I can only speak for how things are for my family and friends to visit, no flush toilets, we have a simple composting toilet system. We do have internet and wifi so my guests can connect to the outside world if they wish.

    It’s probably colder (right now) then most folk are used to, we don’t try very hard to keep the SkyCastle really warm, 50s-60s inside are the norm this time of year so dress warm and bring really warm sleepwear.

    Our fridge is a converted chest freezer that is kept outside on a covered porch, no pretty shelves to store all the cold food, you have to reach down into the chest and you might have to remove a few layers of food packaging to get to the milk which is kept at the bottom (coldest part of the freezer to fridge conversion).

    Tight quarters is the rule inside the SkyCastle, but we will make sure everyone has a seat. Outside is a different story, we have half a mountain for our family and friends to romp upon, not large enough to really get lost, but you can get away from everyone and enjoy peace and quiet.

    We have lights and running water so that is pretty “normal” for everyone.

    Where are you going to visit?

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    Hi Jesse, that is super cool, so many people dream and never seem to get past that stage, you have taken a huge step. My hubby and I have lived off grid for 8 years now and have no regrets, well perhaps one, wish we had started earlier, but it’s never too late :)

    So, what are your plans? Are you going to build a place to live out there? How close are you to the land?


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    Hi Chelsey, I don’t live in Africa, south or otherwise, I do live in far west Texas (USA) and live off grid.

    Tell me more about yourself, do you live off grid?


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    Hello Cameron, you are probably running an ad blocker, try turning it off for this site and see if that doesn’t cure the problem. :)


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    Hi Rose, welcome! You have many wishes here, sounds like some good ideas, personally I don’t think I’d be happy in Cali, but that is an individual choice, I’m sure there are lots of opportunities and land out there.

    Hope you are able to find your dream property :)


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    Great share Betty :)


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    Hi Tombstoner, same thing happened to me, mine was caused by an adblock addon on my browser, I use AdBlock Plus, had to turn it off for this site to see all of the articles.

    If you are running any sort of ad blocking app, addon or program, try turning it off for this site, refresh the page and see if that helps.


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    Sounds interesting Beast, do you have any pix or maybe even a sketch of it in action or the parts?


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    Thanks Felineman, looks interesting, I just scanned through and clicked on a couple of things, this is definitely worth looking into further…


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    Betsy, your comment on my freezer-fridge conversion post is approved, and I replied, try refreshing your page when you get to the front page here CTL SHIFT R should do it…

    Most people do not live like you do, or even like I do, and yes they are curious, those who are just thinking about it and those who are living it but are looking or fresh ideas.

    I would love to hear about a typical day for you.


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    Thank you Betsy, I couldn’t have said it better myself :) You are so right about people dreaming about living in a cashless society, unfortunately that can only be a dream. In my case, we have lived here (off grid) for 8 years, I work part time in a regular job to support our life, we do nearly everything ourselves (building, maintenance….) rather than paying someone else, we barter a lot.

    No one can be an island themselves, they do need neighbors and friends, if not family, to survive, I’m not really big on “intentional” communities, communes and such, but being part of your community is important.


    I would love to read more about you and your life, please keep in touch and share your vast experience.




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    Hi Beth, what part of the country are you in now? Are you flexible in where you wish to live? Usually the more desolate the land the cheaper… west Texas has some cheap land, the issues are water, access, long distances to anything. The land is cheap, but getting services isn’t. We do just fine, but it’s not for everyone, you either love it or you hate it. I can’t speak for the rest of the USA. Wherever you choose, be SURE you walk the land, don’t buy sight unseen, make SURE of the local codes and regulations, meet the locals, get an idea if these are the folk you want to live near… Depending on what you want to build, look around the area, I hate to say it, but if you see junky yards, broken down homes, the more likey it is you can do what you want on your property, just don’t be the worst looking place, make sure some other property looks worse than yours. :)


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    I wouldn’t label you a loon, whether they are intentionally spraying things or it’s merely the end product of what is in the fuel, either way, we are getting the “benefit” from it… honestly I don’t know what we can do against it, to prevent ourselves from being affected by it, other than do our very best to keep our immune systems strong.

    Moving away from population centers helps too, I used to live fairly close to the DFW airport in Texas, not close enough to be bothered by the sounds, but definitely within a heavy spray radius. Now I live in an area where I MAY hear one or two airplanes a week and that’s a busy week. I know I have been heavily inoculated with whatever had been sprayed before I moved, I just hope that moving away has been helpful.


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