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    Pahana Tribe

    ‘@ Leahh

    Just some input on a UTAH level. We are relocating back to Texas after living here for 3+ years and I would recommend you take that off the list. The zoning is tough in most areas, the economy is really only good (jobs wise) in the Salt Lake area and the local click (people related, went to school together or Mormon followers) is hard to penetrate… meaning community is very hard to establish and work wise the locals favor the people they grew up with regardless of better work habits, reliability or talent.

    Just our observation but I would recommend WA if you want to stay west coast. We had been set to go there until friends / family contacted us from Texas to tell us things had improved. We did a lot of research and jobs wise, green build wise, off grid and land in the upper N.E. area is reasonable.

    Just for us E. Texas is a better fit, plus we own 3 lots in W. Texas so when they succeed we will not need passports LOL

    Hope that helps :)

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    Pahana Tribe


    Dust obviously would be better qualified to answer the recycling questions for Earthship construction but from a Earthen builder opinion bottles can be used with rammed earth and cans for shingles and passive solar heating tubes.


    Those are components that can be easily intergrated into a Earthship design no doubt but along with that auto / truck tires are a primary component for structural walls. It is simply my opinion but from a build standpoint some areas are quite difficult to acquire tires do to disposal regulations and also can be prohibited by building codes.

    Earthbag construction is inexpensive and simple as well as haybale or rammed Earth so structurally it can get off the ground quicker, less expensive and although you may still have hurdles in zoning it is a bit easier to get green structures looked at vs. what some perceive to be trash… (Tires I Mean)

    Hobbit and Straw example.

    As you can see from the link I provided 90% of your structural build components with these designs comes from the land around you and scrap wood that can be recycled from pallets and clear cutting someones brush. The rest is straw, mud and elbow grease…

    So if your a major recycler your home can be started for very little by simply visiting the back of loading docks for pallets, farmers who have cheap or old hay to sell / barter / or trade.

    Hope that helps a little but not know where you are and what the over all plan is makes it hard to direct you on recycling needs.

    The link to my FB page has several photo albums with ideas for free and its a good place to start to form a concept you have in mind :)

    Pahana Tribe

    I hope this link will inspire you but honestly you need to give a little more info if you would like help.

    Such as are you planning on staying in NY… Are you seeking a particular climate… Can you buy land or are you looking to join a community…

    And probably the most important thing is, have you ever been camping…

    Thats a real important question because this is how you will be living for the beginning months until you establish roots.

    Try this link for insight :)

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    Pahana Tribe

    LOL I love that name… Well Hippyman nothing wrong with your idea and a Earthship is a great home…

    However that said its a expensive build unless your a major recycler and able to spend a great deal of time scrounging.

    If your on a tight budget I would suggest a earthen hobbit house to start… A: The insulation factor will help in both the extreme summer heat and mild but chilly winter, the rocket stove mass heater system is also easy, affordable and will provide heat and a cooking space immeadiatly with very little wood for fuel.

    If you have inherited land that is a huge plus but find out about water suply. A well can be expensive if there isnt already one there and lugging water although doable eats gas and is a constant pain. Also check local building codes for septic… I say this because THAT is another big expense… Some area allow composting toilets if you construct them properly…

    Outside of that these things could make the build easier… If there are shade trees a camper / trailer will do while you build but planning is essential and location determines a lot of the planning.

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    Pahana Tribe

    Hi Mike. I have lived off grid many times via RV (Been camping most of my life) and albeit I have yet to create a community I have spent some time boon docking with others and I have started a few churches here and there (Minster).

    The one constant I have noted is that mindset and beliefs need to be assessed very early on in order to survive as a group for any extended time. And most of all the willingness to agree to disagree when differences do eventually come up.

    In a group living situation privacy and the commitment to avoid gossip is probably the one thing I have noticed really rips communal arrangements apart. I am a 70’s child and spent a great deal of time living with friends in a crash pad setting and later on boon docking with other campers.

    No matter if they are churches, camping groups or crash pad hippies it was always the little differences that festered through seemingly insignificant gossips and rumors. Judgement of other based on beliefs or philosophies are always going to happen but whispers are truly destructive.

    The best groups I have encountered spoke openly, freely and agreed to see things differently. I have always respected a person who can say what they mean no matter what because you know where they stand vs. a sugar coating back talker. :)

    As far as lazy, well it does seem to be a plague these days lol. Loyalty and commitment to the group or family can over come that but most of the time its that lack of respect, inclusion, listening and communication that makes them feel like a outsider vs. family and the desire to become a part slowly dwindles away.

    I noticed most successful groups listen to everyone, make it a point to pen and paper all suggestion no matter how crazy they sound, reinforce self esteem of the individuals and include everyone in the decision making process.

    It takes a strong individual to lead a loving and caring community and guide the group and at times convince others to try the insane ideas. When someone like that leads everyone feels included, everyone feels like part of the groups direction and love and appreciation is a truly motivating factor.

    Charisma has something to do with it but more people follow when they feel like they are part, loved, appreciated, respected and equal. The poison is the we was here first, we have tried that before and failed, we are the senior members and the general run it by me first attitude.

    A group grows when the we is dropped the I takes a step back and the you is given a chance. I have personally witnessed many situations that have been tried before and failed become successful because the person making the suggestion was trusted and received the support they needed to succeed.

    Knowing its failed before but you are sure you can do better is quite motivational but when fused with support for your ability, desire to succeed and encouragement the outcome can be changed. After all there is a good chance if it failed before it will fail again but if the participants avoid the pitfalls that caused the previous failure (learning by mistakes) but keep up the faith and support… and it does succeed, the new comer now has proved his worth, feels like he/she contributed and over came a obstacle with family.

    When we walk through adversity together, climb mountains side by side and overcome seemingly impossible odds it become the cement that binds us. And the leaders confidence in the new comer to give you a shot at what seemed likely to fail plants loyalty.

    Not only to the leader but all the family members who supported him / her in the endeavor. A village can succeed and a community can become a family if you look it at like a family and trust, love and support.

    Sorry if this rambled a bit just felt I had to toss that out there for meditation lol.

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    Pahana Tribe

    Hi Chowan.

    I been following your posts for sometime and haven’t said much because A: It took quite some time to read all the interactions, watch your awesome videos on you tube and get a feel for whats happening. B: My wife and I are still contemplating Texas & Alabama due to inexpensive land prices, easy building codes and close work nearby.

    That said I recently stumbled across a build idea for your community income and a possible solution to your pub dilemma.

    First this is the build idea.

    Quoted From My Page:

    This is a absolutely brilliant idea and from a bug out perspective/ Two of these units could be made in a acorn shape and loaded on a simple flat bed trailer. I say two because one could be used as a kitchen / bath and the other as a bedroom. With a bit of enhanced creativity they could even be camouflaged and with a simple winch or block and tackle placed in a treeline and used as a temporary retreat or emergency bug out.

    The main advantage I see is portability and even in a stable economic environment I can see this design as being desirable for vacations, wild life observation and if portable like a trailer fitting into a hole in the building code for people buying new properties that need time to build a new home.

    Kudos Joel Allen for a awesome idea and wonderful craftsmanship



    As you can see these could be fabricated fairly easy and sold or placed in your two land areas as a getaway, intro to off grid living or simple vacation spot generating income for you and the community fairly easily.

    Pub Dilemma: Have you considered a Fraternal Organization or Membership Only pub. I am not quite sure of Nev laws however I have been from East to West Coast and many States have private clubs where a member pays a small yearly club membership as little as 12.00 a year in some I have seen and fall under a entirely different set of requirements.

    Many Fraternal organizations such as Eagles, Moose and VFW also utilize private memberships to get around the Public Use issues and often support a not for profit organization (Community or Group)

    Some are simply clubs like in Maine for instance in a small city called Lewiston the main street is filled with these small clubs. Depending on bylaws they allow guests so many visitors are signed in by a member to explore memberships and the values or charity the club supports.

    I am only 5 hrs or so from you in Carbon County Utah and would love to visit you sometime just to meet, greet and tip a cold one. But I did want to get these ideas into your head for review :)

    Hope these thoughts help get the wheels turning.

    Best Regards: Mark

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    Pahana Tribe

    This may not be the solution your seeking however it is a nifty idea so what the heck.

    Hand Powered Washing Machine

    in reply to: New Yurt Dweller (UK) – Advice please! #66708
    Pahana Tribe

    I am state side so these suggestions may seem odd maybe not.

    A: Range and use of wireless

    I use a product called RALINK POWERLINK—p-64930.aspx?source=fghdac&gclid=CMX0pMfcu7ICFal7QgodMS8AZw

    This extends my signal strength to over 1,500 ft and works awesome. Not sure how it would compare to your dongle but blew mine away and I can use it on my Lap or PC only needs a USB port.

    B: Heat

    Research the rocket stove mass heater:


    Water Heating:

    Stove & Bed:

    The first is a simple camp stove but coated with cob or concrete it could be a versatile cooking stove easily.

    And the mass heater design is formed from cob, or could be concrete with a light mattress or well stuffed sleeping bad would be very cozy. The design was meant to be used as a sofa of sorts but can easily be used as a bed.

    Much more fuel efficient and no smoke (just steam and co2) out of the stack.


    If you cannot build a compost unit may I suggest asking if you could plumb a garden hose to their septic system? If so a upflush toilet or RV toilet with small 5-10 gallon tank and a macerating/pump would do fine for a one – two person addition.

    The maceration pump grinds the waste to fine particles that can be pumped through a garden hose and adapted to any sewer line inlet or clean-out cover (Snake clean-out for house)

    The upflush is quite expensive however a simple 5-10 gallon holding tank and standard RV type toilet and pump is not. And often can be upcycled from a old RV for sale or gutted for free and converted to a utility trailer for wood hauling :)

    Upflush :{keyword}&gclid=CIyQ1aXfu7ICFQjZQgodcwIAQQ


    I would look at both solar and vertical wind if you have a breezy area. Vertical wind generators charges at night when solar does not and requires very little wind to do so. A do it yourself version using a auto generator / alternator can also be a easy build with a few upcycled parts.

    All of these ideas, plans and pictures are free on my face book site and your more than welcome to browse and see what works for you (and in the UK)

    Hope I gave you one or two fairly good ideas :)

    My Face Book Page:

    Good Luck :) Mark

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    Pahana Tribe

    You didn’t read it. The manure intensifies the heat to harden the clay mixture without needing a kiln. The coffee grounds and other items burn away leaving microscopic holes to act as a filter.

    Not being a wise guy but reading instructions and looking at it from a neutral point of view could save your life one day if the shit hits the fan and you need to filter drinking water from a mud hole or silted lake…

    in reply to: Making a Living Off-Grid #66691
    Pahana Tribe

    Read this article. As far as I can tell no one has been making these privately and I would bet that if you posted it on boards like this you would get some orders from people.

    And its a perfect off grid product that can be made cheaply with little effort.


    in reply to: Begining Our Adventure Soon – Oh and HELLO #66697
    Pahana Tribe

    Thanks Wretha. I will keep you posted… There are some great people and available properties out there and I have already met a few and seen a lot.

    We appreciate the beauty this country has in its states and its peoples hearts so I will gladly drop a story or two :)

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