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    JamesSharper   You are not off the grid with your job, paying taxes, electric bill and I am betting even water bill. If the lady has to be “cute” I bet you are shallow enough to check if she shaves her legs every day and lets be real here, an off grid chick is gunna have a mustache and be part grizzly bear. You cant handle offgridding and should go back to your RV since the squirrel scared you out of your tent.  A plane off grid, who do u think you are? DB Cooper?

    in reply to: If you are reading this you are not off grid! #67136

    ***** like each and every one of you is why we are leaving. Wretha you ***** read the 1st paragraph again.

    **** the laws and **** you all

    You are still not off grid and you ****** are crying because you dont have the balls to do what we are.

    Go back to your RV’s and heaters and meals-on-wheels you *****

    ((edited by moderator to remove foul language))

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)