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    Sorry I haven’t updated for awhile I was affected by the login issues.

    Getting ready to sign a contract, fortunately it’s going to take him a few weeks to get the title in order so I can do some investigation.

    10 Acres in Southern, Oregon with a southern facing slope above a river.

    Zonings fine, agriculture housing.

    Wells in the area are shallow (150 feet average)

    Now the worrisome issue is whether I can get septic approval and if a landscape feature is a seasonal creek…..which would be fine as long as it didn’t keep me from getting septic approval.

    I called planning they said its never had a evaluation but with 10 acres said I shouldn’t have a problem.


    Building codes are a nightmare in any of the states that were a finalist (Oregon, Utah, AZ)  so I just pinched my nose and went with Oregon due to proximity to my base and liking the area.

    So my current plan is taking two acres and putting it up as barter to a like minded off-grider in exchange for the right expertise on getting through planning and getting built how I want.






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    Lamars videos are great with all kind of useful info, I even like his music.


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    Dates getting close and finally narrowing down choices we narrowed our choices down to Utah Arizona and Idaho, we’d be happy with any of the above now it’s just a matter of finding the best deal on land and the friendliest codes to a Owner/builder.





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    Actually we’ll be heading South from Washington through Oregon.  Idaho was an early candidate but I have a bad impression of the weather.  Utah was actually our first choice, I could be wrong as every place has loops but the building code climate seemed to make things a non starter on top of high land and tax prices.

    We’d love to do Utah but despite so many positives it seemed like a risky choice as far as cost and codes.

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    I hope no one would fault me for saying this here but I have no qualms about violating a Rain catching law and am prepared to become a political martyr for the cause in the unlikely event I was caught.

    What kind of abomination says you can’t catch rain water….

    So we signed the papers today and are packed.  I’ve decided I need a real paid consultant, I can build the structure, I’ve intimately researched all the popular viability techniques.

    What I lack now is the ability to get through the permitting process and determining land restrictions on prospective plots,

    The next step  immediate step is determining whether to pursue a contractor, an architect or a surveyor that can advise me on the paperwork.

    My experience is most real estate agents are out right hostile to off-griders since we kill their industry and don’t have any solid knowledge anyways. Getting basic zoning info out of them is like pulling teeth,

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    Simple solar home steading by Lamar alexander is a great start, my experience so far has been anything under 4 acres puts you in different zoning. 2 Acres was my ideal amount but 4 gets you a rural zoning classification where 2 doesn’t it most states.

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    “wow weird everytime i try to sign on at the main page  then switch to the forum i get knocked and come up signed off except this old rickety puter still works”


    Its not you, the forums are buggy reload it a few times and hope it works,

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    After toying with Arizona for a few days then discovering there are some routes to self building in Oregon it’s the primary candidate.

    The Wife was born in Oregon, it’s one state over, gets us out of the city we both have family there we can use as a base of operations while we build.

    It doesn’t have the weather we want and the job market stinks but we aren’t particularly interested in traditional emplavement anyways.

    It’s beautiful country, familiar and practical. The only reason it wasn’t a earlier option was we believed the building codes were a non starter.

    Few keywords that really helped in researching permits for Off-grid friendly.

    These phrases were more valuable than some of the junks books I’ve bought.

    -Alternative Owner builder code (AOB)

    -Owner builder waiver/exemption

    -Owner contractor waiver/exemption

    -Inspection waiver

    Right there is the magic words to finding out where you can build, the most interesting piece of knowledge I picked up was even places that have strict codes don’t always require inspections.

    There are many scenario’s where you will have restrictive state building codes but in the rural areas if you are a owner/builder they issue the permit, have you sign a waiver and make you promise to do things up to code.

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    I wouldn’t want more than 5 acres to manage personally. Unless you are trying to do large livestock go Quality over quantity.

    Smaller parcels can still offer all the seclusion you need, lower price and taxes.

    in reply to: just bought 8 acres want to build underground house #66945

    Location of the water table & soil moisture is a heavy concern I’m going with a warmer climate for this very reason.


    I’d look up prepper & people building off-grid communities areas with a population and find someone that needed work that will barter for room & board.

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    I don’t plan on forsaking the internet during my move, the wealth of information available, ability to Order/ship and keep contact with friends on the internet is what makes going off-grid viable to me.

    So far what I’ve found in the U.S. The only broadly available options are 3G wireless service with a USB dongle such as what people have on a mobile tablet or you can get service through a Satellite TV service.

    Speed is not horrible with these services, they grab fairly fast but it’s not a sustained connection that will stream well or let you play a connected game.

    Rural areas may have other wireless options available and there has been a big move to coverage in rural areas.

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    As of Sunday the leading candidate is Arizona.

    Arizona offers the weather climate I was hoping to find in New Mexico, the tourism & snow birders offer seasonal employment and the crime is lower.

    Permitting looks like it may be a bit more expensive but the “Owner builder code opt out” in most counties is much clearer to work with than in NM.

    New Mexico = Allows earth bag/Adobes with inspection and has a lot of lenient exceptions but you are still at the mercy of the inspector and it sounds like it’s subjective discretion. Basically they are allowed but if you get a prejudice inspector that doesn’t like your hippy party hut he can kibosh the whole affair.

    Arizona – Will charge you most of the traditional permitting fees, but one signature on the Builder owner Opt out and you are inspection free unless you are connecting to Sewer or Grid electricity.

    I may also give Montana a look after passionate endorsements of it on other forums but I find the weather to be a big turn off.

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    That’s the travel plan, our first purchase will be a heavy duty diesel truck for moving. Crazedape is a dirt cheap auction site with a variety of travel trailers on it I been watching. We decided to go with a trailer over a Bus or RV since a Truck will be a necessity for the build anyways.

    We should be off on our road trip to make sure we like NM in about 3 weeks.

    We will also be checking out AZ, Utah and SE Oregon as well now.

    New Mexico lost a lot of points in the last few days. The crime rate is high, the income is low which may or may not be a issue. Our goals include minimizing traditional employment working for ourselves and our homestead as much as possible.

    If it wasn’t for the creepy “stop and ID stuff” going on in AZ it would probably be the leading candidate, The topography on available land also seems a little nicer.

    It’s really hard to get out the mindset of not having your neighbors 30 feet away and trying to remember population isn’t nearly as much of a issue (Mercifully).

    Utah’s a shorter move and close to some relatives in Nevada.

    The taxes are high-ish and the job market is poor but the crime rate is extremely low and I’ve always found Mormons to be very kind neighbors to have.

    Oregon – We’re native to the North West and were eager to get away due to the Gray weather and the codes aren’t friendly, except in the SE tip of Oregon where it starts to heat up.

    The fact it’s such a short move to a warmer climates puts it in contention.

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    Probably a Dodge Diesel, They can pull a trailer and if we find a good source of Bio it will cut fuel costs while we build and move supplies & equipment.

    We can detach our shelter and still only have 1 vehicle.

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