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    Yes that is pretty much what I vision, The biggest factor that I have found is where you decide to go offgrid, with acts, statutes, and by laws it can make it very difficult to complete your vision. If you can not do everything you plan on in the area your looking at dont bother, you will be setting yourself up for a major headache.

    I must suggest strongly not to go and squat on crown land, in CANADA you can not squat on land to gain ownership any more. also from my understanding, allodial title is also abolished in this NEW system. It may be different there but here if you get caught in crown land longer than 14 days they can seize everything!! I want to stress this point of fact!!!

    As far as people go, this has been a huge challenge, for the most part everyone has the best intentions, if you can do it alone i say that s your avenue of less resistance you can say.

    i have been trying to succeed at this for many years now while trying to work with others.

    the biggest problem i see with other is different priorities and schedules, this is the real challenging part, because some are in a position they have to do know, others can do it at there leisure, when you have a number of people that are on different schedules it becomes nearly impossible to work in a co-op type community. due to the ones that have to do it know, do majority of the work and that becomes a problem. so you can see that just this by itself would be hard to accomplish without headache and drama a few months into it.

    the next problem i have run into are people that will not take full responsibility for themselves in the form of they always need someone to help them, otherwise tasks dont get done, and someone else has to pick up there slack. this seems to be the biggest problem with people that have nothing to contribute.

    I am not saying a true co-op would not work, I believe that a true co-op would be hard to start, but if started correctly would have a strong chance of thriving all on its own.

    imo to correct the society misguided and dumb down people in it, education is needed, for me being offgrid is to take care of yourself, help other as much as you can and live easy.

    I would change a few things until education and a coming together you can say of minds and souls for a true co-op to function properly.

    the first is, 1 family or individual must take charge and start buy property and work getting yourself out.

    every new person will have to build for themselves care for themselves in every way, once the individual has settled and is ready for a co-op then you can start the co-op, this does not mean , you cant share garden space, pasture area etc, help each other. need a layer of protection for you and everyone on the land, weather in a co-op or not, top priority is in your lively hood succeeding with out and problems or resets.

    everyone that decides to join you, can, at first it is not a true co-op since everyone schedule etc is different. this will give everyone the time and space needed for them to do it how they need to in there time frame, without bringing problems to anyone else, since from what i have experienced in life is people dont try to screw ya, there life problems even after making an agreement will change if the new problem is more important to them than your agreement , then your left holding the bag. been there done that too many times..

    so far this is a little of what i ran into, and what i have found to be the cause of the failure.

    any ideas etc on ways to make it easier for people to work together in this messed up society? :)

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    I am in Canada, Manitoba currently

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    yes, the sure way to learn is by experience, the more it effects you the faster you will learn not to do it again, Its not like we are in the real early years 1800 or earlier, in today time everything is obtainable with hard work and sacrifice wants to cater to the needs.

    IMO offgid living is NOT harder than society commercialized work all your life shop at safeway 25 yr mortgage hire a professional to do everything because you have no time or energy after working for wal mart etc…. I see society easy now hard later, I dont like that idea, I rather work hard now while my body can handle the work to build and create the life I want, to make later easier, not saying there is not different challenges, there is, But compare the downfalls and sure mother nature can take everything, it happens, can make mistakes and have devastation in some ways, for the most part this would be because of my direct action or lack of.

    This happens a lot less than than people loosing there jobs, interest rates going crazy, dollar crashing, market crashing, even over reach of legislation wrongfully taking citizens homes and land etc. these things for the most part are not the control of the individual, and the effect is very dramatic to say the least, and happens in drastic amounts daily.

    when I look at the real picture what is really the best way for me to ensure an easy life, where I have more control over the outcome, Is to go offgrid, learn what I need to know, to make the proper choice later when it really counts.

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    drones are a fear tactic, along with some teaching that its ok to give up sovereignty for security, this goes along with what gov’t has turned into.

    imo govt is no longer govt, its big business to sell off our natural resources, bankrupt the country to china then forclosure on land,

    I believe the only sure way to make a stand is to educate and get offgrid and self sustainable, stop the commercial cycle.

    the catch about a free and democratic society, is if the politicians can lie and cheat without fear of severe penalties than this will continue no matter what the people do besides take it back themselves,


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    I am very confident in being able to accomplish this, i have had to resort to living offgrid in a home that was not set up for it, it was very expensive and a lot of work, especially freezing water in the winter having to haul water for animals etc.

    i have most of the supplies needed for what i think is must haves, i was interested in hearing other peoples life lessons

    as for construction, farming and animals and gardening, i have done construction professionally and as for the rest do it on a regular basis.

    I feel a lot of the presumption is its too hard or cant be done without great difficulty, well I am of the belief its only as hard as you make it , and the less luxuries you need and less commercial you are the easier transition you will have. I have almost eliminated all of this out of my life, therefore ready for the next step,


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