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  • in reply to: Generator battery charger woes #65350

    just wanted to second elnavs recomendation of dc gensets being a more

    economical way to charge batteries.

    cant help much with what you have but i would try running a small load like you suggested a light bulb of the generator as well.

    in reply to: Off-grid internet solutions #65351

    im using a 3g capeable phone and it has a mobile hotspot feature right out of the box. where i am its poor service and normally only functions at 1g which

    seems faster than the old dial up but seems very slow compared to my old dsl

    connection.i noticed that when browsing the internet i avoid vid downloads

    because it has a 2gig per month tranfer limit and when you go over that it costs 20 dollars per service provider is verizon.

    great for email,message boards and work if you dont need to be uploading

    downloading large amounts of data.

    if i need to upload a large video file i will transfer it to my phone and upload directly from there because i have unlimited data transfer from the phone.the 2gig per month limit only applies to the 3g network

    in reply to: Why are off grid solar packages so expensive? #65331

    I dont think i can help much except that your system sounds huge to me

    and you probably have more than enough to run the things you mentioned.

    if it were me id probably skimp on panels probably down to 500 watt

    and find other ways to do things like a smaller fridge.I would also skimp on the generator and build a home brew charger from a vehical alternator and a 5-8 horse briggs and stratton this could be used to charge your batteries and even as a small welder.

    wire is going to get spendy

    best of luck

    in reply to: can anyone ID this book? #65328

    cant help you but if you find out what it is i would also be interested

    in it sounds like just my kind of book.

    in reply to: Directional Cell Repeator, Solar Powered? #65329

    Im use a verizon phone with 3G network (capeability) it does work as a

    repeater but has very limited range about 50 to 100 yards.

    for example to write to you now my phone is plugged into my truck and acting

    as a wifi hotspot the phone and truck are parked further up the hill where

    reception is better

    i think from memory it can connect up to 5 devices

    most of the time where my new property is it only functions at 1 g

    (just what shows up on the screen) but it works and that is the main thing

    it does not have a directional antenna and has all sorts of charges for data

    usage but its working for me

    in reply to: Off-Grid Roofs #65318

    Id rather drink rainwater off a galvanised roof than anything else, was drinking it for years in Australia. much more worried about this new plastic

    greenhouse catchment i have.

    I have a painted metal roof because i was reusing secondhand roofing but id rather have a galvanised roof.

    in reply to: what to do when they cut off communication? #65306

    I think 27 meg cb radio is a better choice for most people

    the reason i say that is I envision it being more important to talk to your

    close neighbors than somebody 50 or 500 miles a way.

    so a local radio net of common, short range and simple radios that run off

    12 volt is a better plan than more expensive more complicated amature radio.

    add in a amature operator to the local comunity net and you have the ability to

    send messages anywhere.

    also the cb radios on occasion are able talk much greater distances its

    just not reliable or predictable

    in reply to: what to do when they cut off communication? #65310

    Im not a ham operator but I am familure with many different radio sytems

    when i was younger i used to work in the repair and install industy for them.

    and i have also had a little military radio expierience

    I am NOT trying to say that the 27 meg band is better than ham/amatur frequencies im saying it is a better choice for many people because

    they can plug in the power throw up an antenna adjust the volume and squelch

    and get 3 to 10 miles on most days.

    Im saying its cheaper and im saying they can walk into any truck stop and pick

    up the equipment and be using it legally that same day.

    They can also be using it comercially unlike amature.

    if i was 100 miles from anybody else sure amature would be the way to go

    But and im thinking from a preparedness mindset what things may be like

    after a EMP or CME there is going to be a lot more operatable CB,s around than

    ham units simply because there are more to begin with.

    Dang ham operators can get cranky when you mention that CB is a good thing lol

    in reply to: what to do when they cut off communication? #65312

    I do know something about what needs to be done to “harden” electronics

    and the first rule is not to have an antenna plugged in because any that uses

    a long antenna is probably going to be toast.and that includes much of the

    ham stuff as well.

    there is an awfull lot more CB,s sitting around (antennas unplugged) in peoples garages (maybee grounded metal)than there is ham gear.

    so much more CB gear will survive.that by the way is logic.

    your are right that right after EMP,CME atmospherics are going to be messed

    up and that is going to mess with radios but they will clear (we hope)

    what we have to use after that for comunications will depend on what has

    survived do you think enough ham gear will survive to put a set in every homestead? its unlikely.

    more likely the ham operator will become like the imformation hub of a

    community kind of like telegraph operators of old.

    there may be enough CBs and other uhf sets to get one in every homestead

    and a link back to the ham or at least to another station.

    in reply to: what to do when they cut off communication? #65313

    another point i wanted to make in favor of 27 meg CB is even now its higher

    usage rate than ham makes it more appropriate than ham.

    for example many of our emergencies will be very local why do i care to chat with somebody in florida if what im tying to do is dodge an accident on the

    5 freeway in california.

    I have used CBs on many occasions to avoid problems accidents,fires,floods

    and i promise you in most cases you are better of with a station that is close

    and can give you first hand imformation the greater numbers of users

    on CBs is that source of imformation.

    in reply to: what to do when they cut off communication? #65314

    another thought which goes with this thread is that your local ham operator/comunications center may also run pidgeons no im not kidding

    whats wrong with a message traveling at 40 miles an hour in an emergency

    if thats all you have.its better than walking and faster than a horse

    send a pidgeon or 2 to outlying homesteads that cant reach community center

    by other means

    in reply to: what to do when they cut off communication? #65316

    nope their are plenty of backwards individuals still running them

    in reply to: Yurt Covering #65317

    just an idea but what about canvass drop sheets painted with bees wax/parafin

    or some other form of sealant?

    in reply to: Methane digesters #65270

    I have built 2 digesters so far and i am sold they are by far a better investment than solar panels or wind IF you have the feedstock and IF

    you are prepared to do the extra maintainance required.

    I also believe they are suitable anywhere including urban areas

    urban areas have a large amount of digestable material in the form of grass clippings,human poo and doggie poo just to name a few add in a few city rabbits or chickens and you are good to go.

    also with very small amounts of investment we could be feeding back into a

    “naturall gas grid” like we now do with solar.

    I have run engines off the stuff and they run great and run cleaner than


    add to this we are cleaning up wast products and saving expensive dumping

    and sewrage charges and its a win win.

    I honestly believe they have ignored methane and natural gas investment in

    favor of more high tech examples like hydrogen because your average back yard

    mechanic could be fueling his house and cars with home brew methane and paying

    no fuel costs,fuel taxes or wast dumping costs.

    in reply to: Home-Made DIY Batteries #65241

    any battery store could sell you gallons of sulfuric acid making it is

    tricky and not worth the hassel when it is so cheap.

    lead is easy to work with and i think you need pure lead not lead alloys like in wheel weights and solder.

    i saw a youtube vid of a guy who made his own led cell and if i remember right

    the trick was slow repeated charges to build up the compound that is on the plates.

    modern battery plates are made porous to give better cranking amps but im not sure if that improves the amp hours.from my understanding the charge on the plates is all stored in the lead compound that forms on the plates.

    i have been wanting to try this myself and though about using old glass

    bottles but if i ever find those old glass cases i will definitly try to rebuild them.

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