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    And I cant post in general again seems like i can access the other areas so it may have something

    to do with me being in general when i logged in

    I dunno


    in reply to: introduction :) #67968

    Well if you have some way to contact you that isnt a problem to put out public let me know

    and maybee we can get together on skype or something.

    maybee with the site upgrade we can send private messages.

    any good bow woods easly avalable in michigan?


    in reply to: introduction :) #67966

    hi beast sorry to hear about you having throat cancer hope its all better from now on

    perhaps when your feeling better i could involve you in the idea i wanted to talk to papakoko about

    where are you locate if you dont mind me asking?

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    If i remember rght it normally took a day or two for landbuddy posts to clear

    in reply to: introduction :) #67961

    Forget my other post Wretha thanks.

    Papakoko could you post some sort of anon or disposable email so I can contact you about your

    primitive bow making and off grid aspirations.

    in reply to: I'm logged in but the forum says I'm not #67960

    Well bugger im back to blocked out of general again.

    Wretha could you ask papakado to post some sort of anon email i like to get a hold of him about his

    being a primitive bowyer.

    pretty please



    in reply to: #67950

    all depends on where you decide to move to and build on most places yes have building codes that you

    must adhere to legally,  running water and 110/220 wiring is also normally stipulated.

    in a lot of places a min square footage is also a requirement.

    Campers have different requirements but you will still probably find yourself

    looking down a rule list in the end.

    For example here I think 4 weeks and the RV needs to be moved or you need to have a

    code septic installed


    some places while these codes are on the books they are not normally enforced


    All i can tell you about where is dont try California.

    in reply to: Seeking Like Minded #67949

    hey i can log in again

    best of luck to you and your wife just wanted to let you know your not just talking to yourself


    in reply to: Starting an intentional community #67300

    have you tried landbuddy?

    where is the land you have found situated?

    in reply to: Want to go off-grid by May 2013 #67294

    It sounds like you have a bit of a learning curve maybee you could start slow with weekend camping trips practicing wilerness living the kids love that sort of stuff or getting away for a few weeks at a time.Im not sure if you have the resources to get yourself a piece of dirt to start building a weekender but that may be an option.

    maybee you can find a well established community that you could spend some time with on occasion.


    I dont think you should take the kids for more than a weekend before you at least have your priorities met


    your survival priorities


    your human needs




    in reply to: NE Nevada offgrid village #67292

    probably only 15 or 20 miles depends a bit whether your east or west of 233 if your on the murdock mountain side im probablyjust over the “hill” fom you.if your closer to pilot valley/pilot peak you are a bit further away but there is a lot more people living in that areahave you been to the property yet? 

    in reply to: Want to go off-grid by May 2013 #67289

    Personally i think a off grid lifestyle is great for children but the initial setup can be difficult and i dont think kids need to go through all of that

    if you can get off grid and setup to provide for yourself and your kids why not?


    An old timer here told me about a couple and a young baby that came to this area totally unprepared for the winter

    ended up with no liquid water, no food and the only heat they had was a cut off 55 gallon drum inside a old fifth wheel

    without even a chimney to get the smoke out.He says he bought them a meal and a one way ticket back to california.

    in reply to: NE Nevada offgrid village #67288

    ive been here about 2 years now  i have planned to just catch rain water but i do have access to a sweet spring and a well about a mile away

    when it comes to hauling water.later I may dig a well but im in no hurry.

    biggest hurdle is having some form of income not a lot of work around here unless you bring it with you next biggest hurdle has been

    vermin like pack rats mice and chipmunks.Winter this year was a little extreme (maybee? old timers talk about worse) and access has been

    a major issue for me since December last year it has only just got decent in the last 2 weeks.if your not too far from 233 you should not have much trouble though.


    in reply to: NE Nevada offgrid village #67284

    Hi Boophaty the thread isnt that active but Im still around and others. Which way do you head from montello to get to your place?
    I look forward to meeting sometime.

    in reply to: Off Grid Personals, Your Thoughts? #67243


    how do you screen the perpetually paranoid?

    not so much off griders but preppers and survivalist types are not going to want to

    give you much imformation for screening purposes.

    1st rule of prepping is dont tell anyone.

    If you can work around that you might just have something.

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