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    if youd like to learn some before you go all the way into the woods, you could come learn from me, lots of know-how here. contact me via email im in northern michigan btw

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    why not any older artists?

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    run your filtered water into a large tank and set lass on a slope over top, set the lowest edge of the glass into or over an eaves trough, as the sun shines thru the glass the water evaporates, leavin all contaminates behind, it will condensate on the under side of the glass and run down into the trough, there it can be collected and will be safe for drinkin

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    cool dreary day today, just enuff sun to say it was day
    barely made 50 degrees outside
    my little invention put out 1/4 cup of water
    id say it was a success :)

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    can you direct ship coffee beans and bananas?
    if so i might be interested in some if you dont use chemicals

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    where ya from lakotac? i may know a family that will let you help work for room and board

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    those containers WILL NOT take side loads from backfill
    they will collapse

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    How to make a Froe

    Ok, so what the hell is a froe? i know youre saying that, dont lie.
    a froe is the old tool used for splittin shakes, shingles,barrel staves and planks out of log sections
    just a strange shaped heavy knife with a big stout perpendicular handle
    you drive the froe thru your wood with a special mallet and control the cut with the handle
    by tipping the blade you can change how thick or thin the plank or shake is cut, then you chock it in your shaving horse and finish it up with your drawknife

    now to the nitty gritty part, makin one
    an old truck leafspring, one offa heavy truck, works best
    they are thick enuff and the steel is unbeatable

    first, if it has an ‘eye’ on the emd you will wantto open it out flat
    heat it up and hammer that eye right out flat and true

    next make a bigger eye, about 2 inch inside diameter, tapered out on one end. this will be the bottom ot cutting edge of your froe
    use a drift inside the eye to shape it, if you have one

    now mark the length of your blade with a soapstone, measure out from your eye about 28 inches. Heat it up andcut it off with your hammer and hotcut

    heat it back up and round off the top corner at the end, the top is the side with the smaller end of the eye

    set your fullers up and heat the bottom edge, you need to draw it ou into a cutting blade. dont make it a loong drawn out thin taper, keep it heavy for prying on, just draw out an edge you can sharpen
    do the whole blade like this

    make it nice and even, dont make it ‘curl’, keep it straight

    once you have it all hammered out, quench it good
    now cut a 2 footlength of good hardwood around 3 inches diameter
    shave it down to a taper so most of it slides thru the eye of your froe, all but maybe an inch. the long part of the handle should be opposite your cutting edge

    congratulations, you just added a very important and useful tool to your collection

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    chickens lay the most eggs the 1st year after they turn 6months old
    you might get 200 eggs or maybe more from that age group
    after that, fried chicken is damned good…lol
    barred rocks, white rocks, rhode island reds are the best multipurpose breeds
    if you want more meat try jersey giants
    if you want more eggs try leghorns
    buff orpingtons are a multi breed too but ive never liked them
    bantams are a great layer/brooder but very tiny and their eggs are small
    araconas lay pretty colored eggs and arent bad for meat
    i usually run a couple from each breed and let them cross breed
    you get more versatility that way and if you watch a much better chicken in the end

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    “Theres always tomorrow for dreams to come true” yes and theres always another tomorow to put it off until
    problem is tomorrows become yesterdys damned awful fast and before ya know it its too late to try
    the first big question is, How much do you really know about going off-grid and li9ving the simpler life style?
    the second one is, How hard are you willing to work to get there?
    and lastly, Cant you take your business along with you?

    email me, lets chat.
    my heads good for bouncing shit off of…lol

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    im with hkalan on this one
    im slowly converting my whole place to 12 vdc

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    if you simplify enuff you would be amazed how little money you actually need :)

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    several years ago i built a woodfired water heater from 2 used hotwater tanks
    it outperformed every gas or electric heater ive ever had
    when i finally manage to go back totally off-grid, ill build a new one and use it


    get a couple plastic waterbarrles, they have 2 bungs, one large one for filling and a small one for spigot
    just build a frame up over head to hold the barrels and connecrt them with hoses
    wala, running water


    maybe we should fine all govt officials for pollution, im willing to bet theres more methane, hot air and bullshit comes from DC than anywhere else in the world

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