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    well we are going off the grid in june do you own your own land? it may be hard for one person because it can get lonely but if you network with others through the internet and communites near by it may not be so bad it’s better living than the city we all know that for sure! we have 2 girls that will stay in california and we are headed to arizona in june financially for now we can do this actually this is our only option as we help our daughters through college…as long as they are fine we are happy…..

    anyways, we are planning to buy a small propane bbque, outdoor propane lamps for the night, we are buying a small travel trailor toput on out 5 acres..we are planning to grow pototes, sweet potatoes and corn…reagarding the tioles situation we are looking into compost tiolets(?) there is a book called “off t he grid in a travel trailor” that may help you do you have a travel trailor?

    good luck write back if you wish

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