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    “OFF THE GRID”…Well I am sure what has been offered thus far has its own truths in one way or the other, but allow me to share my definition.

    When a person decided to live independently, or as independently as they deem acceptable, for as we are all aware, we have some folks in this world that pull up a section of concrete each day and call it home.

    Nevertheless, “Off the Grid” means something different to everyone seeking to attain it, but for the most part it means free from the normal pressures and demands to perform of the rest of the world, to eat well, live clean, without all the hype and hoopla one finds in America Suburbia.

    Now some take this to being lost amongst the sea of people in this world, while others like no more noise or pollution generated than a bird and manifest, but to find the true meaning of what “Off The Grid” means, YOU have to determine this for yourself and your family then seek it with all your heart, mind and soul.

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