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    last year i started out with a fantastic garden, everything was in and up early, growing beautifully. neighbors horses got loose and decided my garden would make a good dust bath, made one hell of a mess, wiped out most of my cowpeas and corn.

    got that all straightened out and replanted what i could then the woodchuck moves in across the fence on neighbors land. i could deal with him, he was kinda cute and he mostly ate the bigger lambsquarter i was growing along the outer edges. i dont mind sharing.

    then he found my polebeans…

    couple stings to his backside with the bb gun thru the open window and he decided the beans didnt taste so good  :)

    corn got up around 6 foot tall and i couldnt see thru or over it no more, deer figured it was safe to come in. they destroyed everything i couldnt see, except the pumpkin vines, they dont seem to like those. then the kids chickens got out and started in at all my shiny red tomatoes..

    by this time id been down t ann arbor and had part of my prostate removed. doc says do nothing, lift nothing, for 6 weeks… well there went my garden.

    this spring im hoping to put a nice fence around it, 6 foot of rabbit wire and a few strands of high tensile above.

    strange tho, been living here over 20 years, never had so much trouble with critters before. time to get a shotgun i think and have some fresh meat :)

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