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    Would anyone care to describe any they have owned, where they got them, how much they cost etc. Apparently sells one for $8000 imported from Europe. I read in a book called “Producing your own power.” about a guy named Count Rumford who at his time had invented the most efficient fireplaces and wood burning cook ovens and stoves.

    He used well insulated boxes and insulated lids I think. Not sure for his day and time in the 1500’s what he used for insulation. But I have yet to find his exact designs anywhere. I did find “The complete works of Count Rumford” But they are hard to read, will take time to go through them. He was the first scientist to work with thermodynamics. Later a stove brand name of ATA I think patented and sold a metal stove after his designs.

    Anyway, In a book called Building with Cob, they give plans for a cob bread oven. Other than that I’d like to see plans for brick ovens and metal ovens if anyone could point to any. I do have a friend who has an old cast iron oven in his yard. It needs a bit of repair though.

    Of course many of the wood burning heater stoves come with a couple of burners on top.

    If you have stoves that you use for cooking please post pictures here. Maybe I’ll get a picture or two of my friends stove next time I visit him.



    Our woodstove is homemade, hubby had a friend who worked at a big industrial machine shop and was able to work on large pieces of thick metal. He purchased the metal, designed the stove and took it to his friend, they cut it, broke it (bent it) and welded it together, it works great, though after using it for a few years, there are improvements that could have been made, hindsight…




    I live in central Pa and we have them all over here. I got mine for 125.00 which is a classic. It was stopped up because the people using it used bad wood which built up creasote and stopped the oven from getting heat. I chipped it out and it works like a charm. Here is a picture that shows part of it.

    It has a lot of nickle parts and makes a great baked chicken

    here is a better picture =



    I got a couple of box wood stoves from Harbor Freight on sale for $150 each. They have removable lids on top for cooking that we occasionally use. The vent pipes for them were a lot more than the stoves cost!



    get a woodstove. a couple of brackets tacked onto military ammo cans for waterjackets on the sides. get soap stone scrapes from local granite guy. a couple of dutch ovens, and maybe a burner rack from an old stove at dump or behind sears waiting to goto dump. done



    I have the flame view wood cook stove. I wanted a stove that could heat my 2500 square foot home, heat a hot water heater, and cook all in one. I can make a fire and be cooking in five minutes, I love this thing! I should get paid for selling this thing because I tell everyone they need one. Being able to see the fire is also a great plus. Cooking in the oven is awesome and free! My wife actually prefers cooking on this over our regular gas stove especially making cheese. I can send pics if you give my your email

    Email me with any questions



    Rhysen: please post photo links here.. You may even be able to hot link in a forum post.



    Here us the link to the place I bought mine.

    I forgot to mention I do get all night burns with it. The old cookstoves have small burn boxes so this isn’t


    I am so glad it is cold out now so I can use it again.



    i’m pretty sure a friend of mine has 2 tirolia wood cooking stoves. from 1985 still in the box. they where in storage . they where about 2000 back then now about 4-6000. these are 56k btu will run 12 hydronic radiators,cook, and dhw. not sure how much he wants for them. let me know and ill ask.

    cheers gordo

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