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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum primarily because I just found it.  I have been browsing and there is a lot of interest stuff here.  It’s great.

    I have a place that has been off the grid for almost 20 years.  I made the choice to do this for several reasons.

    1) Economics: It is a lot less expensive to live off the grid. (no mortgage)  Plus, the utility company wanted $30,000 to run lines to my place.

    2) I enjoy living in a rural area with no neighbors.  Those that do live near by have become great friends and people I can depend on if I really need it.

    3) Self reliance: I am not dependent on anyone for electricity or water. I produce a lot of my own food but I am not totally self sufficient in that manner.

    4) Overall better quality of life.  I work less and spend a lot more time doing the things I enjoy.

    I am interested in what others have to say about why they made the choice to go off grid.

    Offthegrid (Patrick)

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