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    Hi forum,

    New member here and have question….. Hopefully, I get some good feedback.

    Here’s my situation… I live and work in Massachusetts, my work area seems to be getting unstable… people retiring and bailing out before something happens. I’m 55 y.o. Could actually retire October 2017… If I want 30 % of my current pay. 5 more years… 2022 will net me roughly 50 %

    So, My question: If these conditions were you… Where would you go? And Why?

    Thanks for reading… Take Care


    Ed Meyer

    Firstly Welcome to OGDN.

    You have to ask yourself, if “something happens”…What would\could that something be?

    If that something is a SHTF scenario, then there is a chance that your retirement income would not be there in the first place. Under this scenario you would best serve yourself by,(in my humble opinion), going to a place where conditions are harsh enough to make most people wish to avoid the area. In a true SHTF situation, urban and even suburban dwellers who plan on “sheltering in place” have a very low chance of survival…Especially those who are also preppers.

    Hiding the fact that you are a prepper is a very difficult task…People around you may have heard you talking about prepping, or simply seen you bringing in more groceries and supplies than they consider necessary…Those people will remember that fact. If there are generators or solar panels involved…this will confirm the fact that you are a prepper… You cannot hide solar panels…and they are a billboard advertising to almost anyone that you are prepared…Your generator, in a grid down situation will be heard likely from miles around…announcing the same thing as the solar panels…”Here lives a prepper”…These two things are likely to get you killed.

    With the advent of drones the threat of being discovered has increased greatly, this means that you should choose a location that is outside at least the average range of most personally owned drones. Most mid range privately owned drones fall onto the 1000 1500 meter range limitations, though some can fly further. Drone range is limited by both radio contact range and battery life.

    There are high end drones that are privately owned though that have ranges of up to 25 miles as well as the standard camera capabilities…due to this fact I would choose to select my location based upon that fact, meaning at least 50 miles outside of well populated areas. 25 miles for the drone range, and allowing that the drone operator would be likely, at the onset of very trying times, be willing and able to travel at least 25 miles out before beginning their drone flight. These excursions will become more likely the longer such a SHTF situation endures.

    Sorry to waste your time with such information, but I use this information in order to clarify the “why” I have chosen the type of location that I have.

    The northern Minnesota border with Canada is a perfect location for my purposes. most of the border is remote to populated areas, Winters are harsh and yet the growing season is supportive of being able to produce your own food. Hunting is abundant from small game and fishing to large game such as deer and moose.  Venomous snakes and spiders are practically unheard of, but you will have to deal with large and dangerous predators such as wolves coyotes and bears, Both Black and grizzly. A well planned and fortified staging location will minimize these threats.

    As long as you are far enough into the forests which are only,(mostly) accessible by foot, your use of small solar panels and\or generators can go unnoticed as long as you remain actively aware of what is going on in “your neck of the woods”.

    Hopefully this information helps, and feel free to ask any questions.


    Ed Meyer

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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