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    Hello, my name is Chris. I’m looking to go off grid in the next few months. I have been living a pretty simple life for a few years and don’t really have many possessions. I’m looking for off grid communities, individuals, or just any recommendations of where to look.

    I’m 30 yrs old and single, educated and well traveled. I have some money saved so I’m looking to buy land or buy into a community. I’m looking for a tolerant climate. I’d prefer no cold winters if possible, but I’m also pretty interested in a few areas of Colorado. I’m a pretty easy going guy, responsible, friendly, open minded, and willing to put in the effort it takes to be more self sufficient. I dont have much hands on experience, but I’m generally a DIY guy as I enjoy learning.I have common sense, am a quick learner, and am pretty capable in general. I’ve lived in communal situations and am very respectful of other people, and I can get along with anyone who means well. I’m very interested in growing a food forest and/or experimenting with aquaponics. I’d prefer an area to be cannabis tolerant, with the intention of being around like-minded people. I’m currently in the Chicago area, but I’m going to be making my way west in the next couple weeks to start looking at some land and/or communities. I like the central coast of California for its climate and proximity to mountains and ocean, but I’d be willing to hear other options. I’m really only looking out west, CO, CA, NM, AZ and maybe OR or WA. Please let me know if you have any info for me. Thanks


    check out the topic “Anyone interested?”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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