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    I have a very nice off grid property in Italy up in the mountains in Tuscany. I bought it quite a few years ago as a wreck and have slowly done it up. You can find some pictures here.


    I have now bought a different house in a more accessible spot and I am wondering what to do with the old one. A lot of people have put a lot of work into this place and I could just sell it, but what I would like is to see it carrying on in some way.

    I have been thinking along the lines of an off grid time share, or some kind of social enterprise or cooperative. It really needs a group of people as it is quite a lot of work.

    There is a house with three bedrooms, a barn which needs a roof but is structurally stable, which would make a very nice second space.

    It is about fifty acres, all of it is woodland, 1km of trout stream and the woods are full of game. The house has a spring and solar power. It is very isolated and can only be reached on foot.

    So any suggestions?





    That sounds wonderful! if you put some more work into it as to make it car accessible you can turn it into a retreat where people can rent it out for weekends or weeks at a time, provide meals that were made or grown locally, or possibly make it into a bed and breakfast. That way you can share your love for this place while getting a little $$ for the upkeep. You can also make into a live here in exchange for labor kinda thing. there are so many possibilities, it all depends what route you want to take it.



    I have to agree with Val…..

    You love this property, put so much into it.. Why not get something back? and at the same time ensure that the property stays maintained.

    People love to get away from everything. I don’t think that you would have a hard time finding someone to use it as a “Rental $$” getaway. OR even a “Live for Work” environment. I’m sure someone would take to the idea… A place to stay… some manual labor and viola an upkept residence.

    Good Luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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