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    Nick Rosen

    We had a long discussion on this subject over many years on the off-grid web site – I dont know what has happened to that thread – it seemed to disappear when the site went down. But now we are back its time to restart that conversation
    To me its pretty clear that the best place to live off-grid is California, but I am assuming you are really off-grid – not part of the system, not permitted, not paying local or state property taxes. Once you are fully signed up member of society, the cost of living in California is not to everyone’s taste.

    ten you may prefer Texas or Florida, NC or Oregon. Even Montana.

    Nick Rosen

    PS: I was assuming you are thinking of a single household unit – if you are thinking of a commune or a larger community – here are a couple of places to get started

    1. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Missouri
    If you think if this place can be right for an off-grid living then, you should try to visit this place to have a look for yourself. This place is actually visited by a lot of visitors interested in this lifestyle. The Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri makes use of renewable energy as a way to sustain their living.

    What they do there is to try their best to lessen their energy consumption with the use of solar and wind power. As a result of their great efforts, they have become an exporter of energy.

    The village started to develop beginning in 1997 when a group bought the land where the town is now located. For people visiting the place, they have several programs to let them have an insight into the way of their life. This could also be a new start for those who want to dive into this independent lifestyle.

    2. Greater World Earthship Community, Taos, New Mexico
    Best place to live off the grid around the world

    The people in the Greater World Earthship Community in Taos, New Mexico live in a different and exclusive energy efficient homes which they call “Earthship.” These unique homes use solar and wind power to run.

    The idea was from an architect named Michael Reynolds who designed the houses using natural and recycled materials.

    An instance where people living in the area make use of energy is by collecting water and snow in reservoirs, treating it and reusing it many times.

    Just like the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri, Greater World Earthship has developed into a great place due to the efforts of the people in the community and is now a manufacturer of biodiesel fuel.

    3. Three Rivers Recreation Area, Oregon
    Three Rivers Recreation Area started off as a place for vacationers to get a break from the modern living.

    However, some people decided to stay in the area, therefore building a community that is designed for off-grid living.

    The city can be found in Central Oregon and consists of large vacation homes as well as tiny residential houses.

    There are over 600 people who are currently living in the area which run on solar and wind power sources. This is suited for people who want to off the grid but not give up some of the aspects of modern day living.


    Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Missouri is a very cool place. I have heard about it many times and I really want to visit


    thanks, nick. you haven’t just guided me with some suggestions, but provided a detailed understanding of every place. it’s very interesting to visit a place when we have a clear understanding of the history of that particular place. i’ve visited many places around the united states and understood some history of some places. later, i decided to dig the history of some places and then make a visit. it makes our trip perfect and complete. as a traveler, i find this post a worthy one nick. thanks again.

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    Its so difficult for me to find off grid lands cause all governments do are to destroy lands by urbanizing and thats so ridiculous! I want to help keep it more rural!


    Look at NE Nevada land is still cheap and available and it will be a long time if ever before it is urbanised.


    The Dakotas have a lot of cheap land and space that are fairly cheap if that’s a concern. I have a lot of family out there – not off grid but certainly seems doable without breaking the bank. But of course, there’s the weather to deal with.


    America has its own websites and its own life.

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