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    Myson 325 Direct Vent. Propane. Vents thru the rear.

    Anyone know of a replacement for this propane water heater?

    There are many tankless propane water heaters, but they all vent thru the top then may/do vent directly out back. The Myson 325 was/is unique as it required no electricity and vented directly out of the back of the unit (not up then back).

    I have a space problem and looking for a replacement propane tankless that does not take up so much space (up and down).

    Anyone out there have a Myson 325?



    I have two Myson 325 water heaters. There are parts available at a couple of sites and there is a service center in southern FL. I have ordered parts and he is very helpful in trouble shooting.

    I am currently replacing both my units because we are converting to Natural Gas. My two units will be sold and one would be a very good ‘parts’ unit the other is a working unit. (parts unit can be operable with small repair). If interested, please contact me via email (

    If you still need parts I’ll try to find the number for the service house in FL. I need to locate the instructions.




    Look on ebay as I seen a few there. I use an eccotemp ventless but is not for whole house use.




    I just installed one of these in my home…

    Don’t know how it works yet as I’m not through with the house, however, it takes a lot of space in depth. I actually had to fir out a wall several inches to make it work. It’s in the neighborhood of 8″ deep, pretty massive unit. It also takes 120Volt AC to power the remote thermostat.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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