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    In 2 years time, give or a take a few months, the wife, daughter and i, will be heading out west to buy about 30-40 acres of dense pines and start over, off the grid. Were looking for like minded people who just want to get away from the daily BS, and actually LIVE. Not looking to make a full out community with all the bells and whistles, just to make things work is all. As of now, im 27. The wife is 22 and the youngin is 2. Were looking for a few others around the same age, no super old ppl, we cant accomodate the needs , sorry. If u have a facebook and wanna get in contact, let me know. Thanks



    Hello. My husband and I are looking to move to WA or OR in 2016. We’re in a our early/mid 20’s, no kids yet, but planning on it in the next 5 years or so. Although it’s a long way off, I’d love to talk more about what y’all are looking for (yes, the “y’all” means I’m Southern; he’s an Oregonian), even if it didn’t up end working out, it’d be great to know someone in the area who is working towards similar goals at the same time. You can email me at doulosgurl (at) hotmail (dot) com.



    My wife and I are also looking to move to Washington in 2016. We are both 34 and are done with the ‘normal’ life. I fell back in love with the outdoors on my Appalachian Trail thru-hike in 2013 and we’re moving back to WA where I grew up. Let’s get in touch; I’d love to hear your plans.



    Hey Robert,
    K6slave and I have chatted a bit about our plans. My email is in my February 13 post. Feel free to contact me. Me and my man are set to obtain some land soon-ish in WA.



    K6slave. I’m like minded and would like to speak with you about this great idea.  My wife and I live in Washington with our daughter of one year.  My email is and I have a Facebook that you can can contact me on.  Please do so if you’re still planning on moving to Washington to live deliberately.



    I am a Washington resident lived here my hole life . i have lived off the grid before, i am 20 and am looking for like minded people that wont to better them self’s. i am working on my personal plan to escape to the forest. if ur still planing to go off the grid or living off the land i would love to be apart of this opportunity  hers my email



    Hi I am new to this site and off the grid. I am considering  this new life style.  I’m 23 and my gf is 21.  Washington resident for my entire life; gf is from California.  Soon to be out of the service.  I am an outdoor enthusiasts and self sustaining self reliant.  I would like to know more information about this.  Able to provide more information about myself.  Thank you.

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