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    Hi my name is Greg. I am 29 and I am saving up to move to MD to go off the grid. Western MD to be honest. I have some friends there that i met in the navy and the town of Cumberland seems like a place i would like to call home. I have been looking at getting land in Old Town or rather anywhere in Allegheny county. I want to use solar and wind to power my home. I know i will probably have to start with a grid tied system to get started and i will add more panels later on. I want to use wood to heat my home. (Chuckles) My close friends who know my love of old vehicles and just about anything old send me photos of old pot belly stoves for my future home. I have a cabin kit in mind from Jamacia Cottages that is 408 sq ft last i recall. I want to put it on a basement foundation for ease of maint on the plumbing and if need be thawing the pipes. I also want to do a separate building for my workshop since i am into restoring and tinkering with old vehicles. Let alone all the other projects i tend to get into. Also i did plumbing, HVAC, and boiler work when i was in the navy since i was a Seabee. I’ll be living in this home by myself. Unless i meet the right gal but the dating world is not what it used to be. I guess why i am posting this is to see if there are others in the area I mentioned to meet some fellow small house/off the grid living folk like me or just some friendly advice and tips.

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