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    Today I will finally announce the state that has been picked, …….Utah. I will be leaving anywhere from 1-4 months. I cant not wait to say goodbye to my old life, and start a new one! Lots of land for sale in Utah people!!! Lets make it an off the grid state!


    Hello there ladyapril,

    I registered with this site in the hopes of starting and maintaining a correspondance with you (when you have the time, or *if* you find the time with how busy you are and will be).

    I currently live in Phoenix, Arziona – but my fiance and I are trying to get on a path of getting off grid in 5 years or so. We are trying to save, research, and be ready to purchase outright what we feel our basic needs will be. What I’m most interested in is establishing contact with other like minded people, and learning from everyone before we make that leap.

    What trials are you facing, what worked well and why, and what didn’t. Etc.

    I am also quite possibly interested in volunteering our time / labor during as a vacation of sorts for us in exchange for room / board / possibly a few meals here and there. We are both hard working and enjoy physical activity quite a bit. We also love the outdoors. No man is an island, and going this route without a community of like-minded people will make things harder than they already may be in my opinion.

    We are looking to learn about all things sustainable, not just in theory, but in a practical application environment.

    Fiance is a welder, CDL driver (can operate just about any piece of equipment out there), mason, minor electrical, mechanic – etc. So he has much to offer.

    I love to garden (although I am a novice), and love to cook, read, write, and am currently a self-employeed bookkeeper (bean counter) with a love for research, learning, and organization.

    We are interested in farming, hunting, animal husbandry, construction, furniture making, etc.

    If anyone reads this and would be interested in starting a pen-pal type of correspondance and perhaps learn from each other or possibly meet one day, please contact me at:

    amber  _   curtis@hotmail   .   com  (without all the spaces).

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you, and good luck!

    Bill Richard

    Hi all,   I’m a road nomad who has places in a few different areas.  I’m fortunate enough to have skills and creative abilities I’ve honed over the years and I’m able to get land and houses for good deals.  If someone is interested, I’ll work with you to make your dream happen. We can talk and work out the details and locations.  I’m not insistent on any particular place.  Since I’m on the road a lot,  you get to pick where, within reason.  I’m open to all realistic ideas.
    Just understand, there is a ton of work involved in  setting up an off grid place.  If you’re willing to do the work, I’m willing to supply the land.  Of course, there will be details to work out, so let’s talk.


    Utah has a lot of desert on its southern end. Salt Lake City area is very nice and popular and probably more expensive. I recommend a few things for this communities like this. You need some kind of “contract” between its members. Usually where you the founder are their benevolent dictator. Write up some mission statement. Write some guidelines to set a course. And think about leasing lots to individuals. I’m talking about 100 year lease. This type of lease can be sold and it can be inherited. Anyone buying or inheriting understands they must abide by some community stipulations. This might be kindof like a home owners association but not so cruel and watchful. HOA’s suck and they are usually for adding rules and regs on top of 3 levels of government. This is more for you saying “you can do what you want within certain off grid limits as long as it doesn’t interfere with me and others” It should say that two neighbors should try to work anything out that affects them and if they can’t the founder has final judgement.

    Bill Richard

    Personally, I have a few problems with this scenario.  Benevolent dictator is right near the top.  I’ve found that the type of people who consider off grid living are not real receptive to others telling them what they can or can’t do.

    Having been involved in a few groups like this, I’ve never seen one that worked.  Not one. Some last longer than others, that’s all.  But they all fall apart.  It’s just human nature.

    What I’ve seen works best is a loose association of basically similar minded individuals over a fairly large area. That way, they can be more independent, live and do what they want and still be in a loose association that basically thinks about the same. The idea of a community or commune, invites dissention and rebellion.

    What I’ve found much better luck with is to help individuals  or several individuals or a group get a place.  That way, the rules, if any, are theirs to work out. All I do is help get the land/houses.  The details are theirs. I’m not interested in telling anyone what they can or can’t do.


    Bill, where do you have land exactly? Or where can you get any? Me and my husband are very interested in going otg, but were from the UK and I’m finding it hard to find somewhere suitable.. Any info appreciated! Thanks.

    Bill Richard

    Hi Kerry, Land is in northern Michigan.  I’ve also got more info . Are you in the UK or in the USA? Obviously lots more info is needed, so do you have a way to contact you directly.  If you don’t want to go public on a big forum like this, create a “second account” only to discuss this on a site like hushmail (for example) and we can discuss this more at length.



    hey bill, where at in northrn mich? im there and ill tell you honestly, michigan is about the last place id wanna set up a community in
    too many idiots with guns in th fall, too many citiots on township boards making city rules in the country and land taxes thru the roof
    and in the last few years weve been force fed zoning like we live in a congested city
    yeah, i think a community sitting on the gates of hell would be more feasible


    Hey everyone… I just signed up to this site, and I see some healthy discussion. This is my first post. HI!

    Bill and Beast:I am planning to go to northern MI (Roscommon County, most likely), as that’s where my happiest memories from childhood are. I’m a little different from most, as I am a sovereign (not a freeman-on-the-land or a “sovereign citizen”!) and do not plan to let any agent for any alleged municipality tell me what to do. I have been working on my knowledge of natural law for years, now, and finally feel confident enough to go to jail if need be for living my truth.

    I am a former Army dog, and I have the skills to survive. The question to pursue now is, can the artificial corporate society be coaxed into letting me peacefully live, in proximity to “their” area?


    they fight me constantly here seamus, im not far from roscommomn, i can be there in 30 mins…lol
    old jarhead here, the locals only care is their little powertrips
    be warned, they will try to force you to their ways
    ive been fighting them for 30+ years


    Thanks for the response, beast. I’m sure they enjoy their petty fiefdom, but the days of living like that are almost at a close. They have never encountered anyone like me in all their powertripping years. I don’t indulge fiction. I never go looking for a fight, and so far I haven’t had any.


    Bill, Would like to talk to you about an idea, perhaps we could come to an agreement on something I’ve been thinking about.


    I love this post.. Any update on your progress.. Are you still looking for people ?


    Hey, I’m already here in Utah, just looking for a community to associate with. What area are you looking at (in general)? Please don’t say northern Utah. Its too populated and regulated


    Hello Folks:

    New to this site.  I have submitted a profile to be approved on the land buddy section.  I’m looking at 120+ acres in the Central East part where it’s not so hot in the summer.

    I would definitely like to round up good people who might be interested in getting involved in some round table discussions on the matter!  I’m only a few months away probably from pulling the trigger and buying the land.  We need to get the good leadership people together now who want to be in on this on the ground floor!  I think a great time to get involved.

    I am open to other options, but primarily looking to keep moving forward with plans unless something totally derails the idea.

    Look forward to talking with some of you!  Check us out at:

    Take care,




    (805) 813-1433

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