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    My hubby, myself, and my niece ( a few years younger than I so really more of a sister/friend) all are very anxious to make the move to an eventual off the grid lifestyle.

    I currently keep and raise chickens, know quite a bit about gardening and can my own, make most of our food from scratch. Will be cooking on an old Victorian Wood stove this summer and the list goes on.

    My niece currently works on a farm as Animal Manager.

    Long story short, we are somewhat disillusioned with our own country and would really love to move to the UK/ English countryside. However, getting visa’s and such and possible jobs seems a daunting if not impossible task. Does anyone know how we could become ex-pats? We are willing to sell up what we have so we would have some money in hand when we arrived and want to just get ‘ a little bit of land’ and put down our roots.

    I have been to England and lived in Europe for a time, so not worried about culture shock. Also we live in New England currently so many similarities to rural England already.

    Thank you anyone who can help. We also are considering France.

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