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    Hi, I bought a 1970 GMC New Look Transit Bus for a heck of a price at an auction and now I was wondering if I could use the idling engine as a generator. I wanted to be able to get power in the 10000 W range. Is this a good idea? Any information I could get would be greatly appreciated.



    I think it would be possible. I’ve thought of doing something similar. Just a matter of getting the gearing right to give the correct speed on the generator shaft. I’m not sure if it would give enough power for 10k, so maybe you’d need to experiment with revs. Good luck :)



    This bus that you have should already have double batteries that you can connect an inverter to so you can get 120vac from that. If you need more power get a battery isolater and make a secondary battery bank  to charge those batteries from the bus alternator charging system.

    You may not even have to run the bus engine constantly once everything is charged. you could just use a battery switch like they use on boats to isolate batteries.  Usually buses have big alternators for heavy charging anyway but if you find that the one that’s on your bus is not heavy enough look on Ebay, you might even find a service that could hot rod yours out cheaper than a new. What I mean hot rodded out is  they can replace the armature with a heavy wire wound one and a heavy wound field coil.

    Just an idea..hope it helps



    Thanks for the tips. I inquired on an automotive website and the response was that a two stroke engine like the one the bus has, has a real desire to be moving and not sitting there idling.

    I have managed to knock down my wattage consumption to about 3-4KWH, so that battery bank may be possible. It’s just that the expense would be prohibitive.

    The research I’ve done is pointing me to a diy engine/generator head setup as the cheapest way to power this thing. I just have to make sure the power coming out is clean enough to run my equipment.

    Any input you guys give is truly noted and appreciated!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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