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    my specialty is living without things most could never do without….lol
    like a fridge or freezer or tv, so i prolly wouldnt be much help for you


    No you would! Well I’m sure convincing most to go without a fridge would seem way too far but any tips you have would be great. Just out of curiosity what do you use instead? Do you have a cold box or do you buy fresh food often? Do you live in city?
    Tips on waste and packaging reduction would be good, or recipes for household products that are home made and eco friendly anything really any knowledge you have to share, I know people manage zero waste but any little tricks you have found along the way.

    I’ve also found that in my age group anyway no one wants a tv really, which is GREAT no advertising in your living room!


    Hi there, I am currently doing my final degree project on Urban Sustainability/Self-Sufficiency.
    If anyone has any tips or tricks, advice or best practices for living this way or how to encourage more people to live in this way?

    I am concentrating on three categories — Living, Food and Energy.
    Food: growing your own whether your in an apartment or a small house, community gardening etc,
    Energy: reduction, so tips for how to do that or if you are allowed to — solar panels or domestic wind turbines. Anyone have any experience with planning for these in denser areas?
    And also Living: Rainwater harvesting systems, composting tips. waste reduction etc general living a more sustainable life tips.

    Anyone with any ideas they’d be very welcome and much appreciated!
    Thank you.


    ive used iceboxes, icehouses, root cellars, springhouses and those cute lil ceramic doodads (cant think of the name) where wet sand between 2 pots keeps the inside one cool. there are other means of evaporative cooling too that dont involve power
    the best thing for waste, dont make any, waste not, want not ya know.. recycle everything
    right now im not off-grid but i grew up using a spring for a fridge

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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