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    I’m Phil and I live in South West England, I’m a 24 year old, horticulturist, though not currently working where I would like. I’m looking for people to build an off grid community with.
    Preferably a group of 5ish people to build a small community. I will be in this for the long haul as I have to save money first.



    I am already settled Phil, but I would like to offer my thoughts on how to set things up for a group. There is a great book “Creating a Life Together” about intentional communities and how to organize. You might want to look at that. My idea was to form a company, set up some simple by-laws and sell shares. When the company had sufficient investors, it would buy land and subdivide it (surf the cake-cutting problem). There would be a common area and assigned parcels to each shareholder. Shares could be bought or sold only between shareholders and the corporation, but if a shareholder brings a suitable buyer, the corporation must consider the exchange. Well, there are all sorts of ways to get started, but that is what I’d come up with . . . good luck to you.



    Thank you! I will certainly look at getting myself a copy. That sounds like a good idea I will have a think about it, I was thinking more along the lines of a co-operative type but I do like your idea, it could breed more diverse and interesting ideas.


    Craig Robinson

    Hi Phil

    My Name is Craig and I am 35 and also in the Uk but looking to go off grid. I would love to know what your plans are and if you have anyone else interested in doing this



    Hi Phil and Craig. I’ve been doing this on my own in Sussex for a number of years. Check out

    Also and

    Best of luck to you both, Marc



    Phil I have a place off grid would love to start growing vegetables don’t have the knowledge but very keen to learn I have 3 bed house used to be a rail station lake land willing to share with people willing to help all so caravan on land could do with making polly tunnels chicken pens. Interested message me



    Hi Guys,

    I’m also very interested in this. I’ve done a fair bit of research. What’s the plan of action?



    Hello!! been thinking about this for a while to. Living in Australia just now, but as an ex-pat, have saved money for some land back home, away from it all. if its closer to like minded people who want to share, save, and barter together, then all the better. Am very interested in this, and money is there. let me know what the sp is?



    How do I contact you? Email? I am very interested thank you.



    Hi Phil, did you get anywhere with this? I’m interested in finding out more/getting involved.



    Hi i am 26 based in Liverpool and have looked into going off grid for a while. I have also set up my own facebook page and website. You can contact me at to share ideas and hopefully move our own projects on further



    Sorry I’ve been gone so long, life got in the way a bit. If anyone is still here I’m going to be far more available via email- philthecaveman ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com



    I’m helping my son set up a permaculture project, but need others to share the land.

    Found a site of 7.5 acres for £18 -£20,000, we can get £7500, but need two others to pitch in the same with each having 2.5 acres.   07935868960 if you want to chat.<b></b><i></i><u></u>

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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