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    Hello. I’m not well versed in off grid yet, so please correct me as needed.

    I am trying to remember a modest off grid book I saw a while back. I think it was produced by the state of California while Jerry Brown was serving from 75-83. I think Mr Brown has something to do with the publication. It’s about 9″ X 12″ X 0.5″. As I recall, It has a light tan cover with a line drawing of a dwelling. I remember a lot of line drawings. Each chapter focuses on a method or a particular dwelling.

    There is a chapter about a small round off grid desert house.

    There is a chapter about a large 2 story urban home. This home features a 2 story greenhouse on the back side side, with vents leading through the attic. Water pipes flow through the house for temperature control. There is a pipe under ground in the back yard to bring cool air. There is passive heat storage under the house.

    There is a rural house that features methane processing and storage. The biowaste is shown processed through a hand cranked churning chamber. It’s stored in a large drum with an inverted funnel as a lid. The weight of the funnel pushes the gas out the top through a hose to a stove.

    If this rings a bell, please let me know.

    Thank you.

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