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    I’m trying to gather info on how to design a workshop for the repair of tools, almost all tools and small engines up to 4 wheelers and smaller tractors. Small engines repair. Electric and pneumatic as well. How to obtain parts would be a major part of this.

    I’m working on an article about how to setup a community workshop for this very purpose. A community workshop is like a Gym where you pay a membership fee. You then have access to the shop building and tools. Some tools must be reserved. Also a part of this would be a community tool crib (library). Here an individual wanting to use the crib would have to pay and membership fee and then provide deposit money. He would only be allowed to check out tools in the value of which is less than what he has in escrow. To check the tools back in a caretaker would have to inspect the tools. This would almost be like tool rental and I may need to research how tool rentals handle things.

    Any related info, links or other resources someone could suggest would be appreciated.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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