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    I’m speechless!!!  It just gets worse and worse!

    Needs to be taken off-line and not come back on until reworked as its crashing left and right!! It’s unusable right now.

    I mean honestly??? It appears this site is nothing more than a forum, an outlet, a stage to present advertising and the website itself for users is not even a concern but bait to lure more advertisers…. the members are secondary and money for ads primary!

    No internal messaging system?

    No peer to peer contact?

    No way to contact land buddy posters unless they leave phone or email in ad which we all know is dumb to do.

    No instructions for landbuddy telling you any of this before hand as to whether you should leave contact info in your ad.

    Comments not showing on posts / ads.

    The page needs to be reloaded dozen times before it takes and shows when links are touched.

    Ads are actually breaking up POSTS??!  Read a paragraph, three ads. Read a paragraph, three ads??!

    Never in my life seen a website with ADS interfering with the posts them selves and inserting ads between sentences of a posters post!

    This website is a crazy maze of advertising and that’s ALL IT IS.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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