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    I have found this site: that shows a way to buy land for cheap. Here’s how it works: people with similar interests get together in a group that forms a corporation where everyone has shares and that corporation buys the land (usually a large piece of land is cheaper than a small piece) and divides the land to the members according to the number of shares they own in the corporation (some people would want just one slice of 5 acres, other may want more). Then a public road is developed (extra cost) and even utilities can be brought in (other extra cost). The idea is to get about 5 acres for around $5000 plus the expenses for the public road (around $2000 estimated). Other legal fees may apply, but I don’t think it will get over $10000). Of course, this is just their example. In reality, the prices may be higher.

    I don’t see why not we can copy the idea and even if we do not register there, perhaps through this community we can get together a group (or several) to buy land. I live in Canada, so I am interested finding people in southern Ontario with the plan of buying some land sometimes in the next couple of years (even sooner if all conditions are met).

    So let’s discuss this idea a bit and see if we could get it up and running.


    Here is a practical example:

    114 acres costs $199.900 (about $2.000 per acre) and has a river on it. 20 people can get 5 acres for $10.000 each. Or 25 get 4 acres each. Actually a little less than that, because of the road and common spaces. Not all of the people will have direct access to the river, but for example the river may be common space so every share holder can install a hydro on it.


    I spoke with the main guy on the phone and he said it will only be Yurts/treehouses for years and then hopefully they will slowly build houses. The price is also for one person only. Sounds like a great idea but once again codes and permits ruin everything.


    I remember this was the idea of Mike Reynolds in Taos years ago. Then people wanted title to the buildings and land, and it became a real mess.


    I have read more carefully “the land project” website and seen the video where it clearly explains that at the beginning it will be a “vacation” property and people will NOT be able to live there all year-round.

    The idea is good but I consider it to be a bit “utopistic” for the reasons Jay and Dustoffer mentioned.

    Here there are some listing with affordable prices, especially in Ontario: .

    Maybe a big property can be split between 2-3-4 people at the moment of buying, each one taking title to the piece of land they choose? I wonder if that’s a possibility.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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