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    Hello hello,

    We’re looking to join or for help to build a special kind of community.

    What we’re looking for is a community that is open to also being part of an art collective. I envision a sort off grid learning center, showing people very affordable, DIY ways to get off the grid, permaculture and art. The plan is to be no more than 3 hours from a major city. We’re thinking New York City, Barcelona, Lisboa and Stara Zagora, we also really like Latin America.

    We are a family of 2 and soon to be 3!!! Originally from France and my wife from the US, we’ve been in New York City too long and it is time now to get back to nature and work towards a sustainable life. I have been in the film business for about 20 years as a grip (technician, machinist, handy man, jack of all trades…). My wife has been taking care of children her whole life and a is great organizer in every aspect of the word, events, paperwork or managing a bar…

    We have a living vehicle in England that we’re gonna take south and maybe towards eastern Europe, starting late april 2013.

    If you’re interested in knowing what we wanna do, go here (it sort of explains the gist of it):

    Good luck and we will all find what we want eventually, no worries! And thanks for reading t’ill the end.



    Sounds good, I especially like the art side of it :)



    Thank you Wretha, we building up a lot of interest for this.  It’s very exciting.   I have family in england who live on a caravan site with a massive art/fabrication studio.  I want something like that here in the US and off grid as much as possible.




    This sounds very muck like what I have in mind and would love to get in touch with others to make it happen as a community. I live in NYC and work in the “art industry” …. wanting to take the word industry out of my vocabulary.

    Currently I’m building a tiny mobile home couple of hours N of the city and looking at land in AZ high sierras, NM, NV ….

    Would love to exchange notes and maybe meet?




    Hi Juanese, I’m in Brooklyn at the moment, will be here until mid march. We’re heading to Europe for a couple months working on a traveling project that is bi-continental. We should definitely exchange notes! If you go to this site, you can leave a reply a post with your email and I’ll send you mine as well. I could just not approve your post, that way your email won’t be publicized. Unless there is a place here we can exchange emails/phone numbers without the world to see. I’m kind of new at these forums!! It sounds exciting, and I’m connecting with more and more people interested in the same things!

    You want to take the word “industry” out of your vocabulary, I want “project” out of mine….it’s more than a project, it’s a way of life really!



    Done, sent you my info through “off griders”

    I’m downtown Manhattan and will be going to Ecuador in May to work in an organic farm in the Andean region., so  let’s get together before you head to Europe.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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