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    I just bought a 10acres in the bush in south river ontario canada and I’m looking for likeminded people from the world to come together and start a life long adventure .I have a couple living on the property and I will be starting my sandbag/earthship/timber in a month.I will be asking people to rent off me as we can not do a trust in canada as the laws for liability insurance will not let people do that .so I will be the land owner and I will rent one acre pc of the property to pay for the backhoe and all the tools and to help me regain my life savings to fit this opertunity for a better life.I ask $300 canadian for rent /per month,month to month renting is that at any time you do not want to stay you are able to go with not a care of a lease or set time .for this I will let you do anything you want to on the 1 acre .the property is in a unorganized and unincorperated township on a dead end road,we are 10km from a village to get all supplies you want and 50 km from north bay a big city,so if you know of people in your group of friends please let them know
    we are trying to do the same things in Canada,my name is Bob Duchesne and my email is
    thank you for you time.
    p.s. we are doing permaculture ,and off the grid living simple.windmills and solar with batterys


    RD1968, I moved your post to it’s own spot/thread and deleted all 28 other identical copies of your post that you copied and pasted in 28 different threads here, I do not want this to sound rude, but posting the exact same message 29 times in a row in a forum is flooding the forum and comes across looking spammy… I assume you are just excited about your venture and want to get the word out, I hope you don’t do this on other sites, their mods might not be as accommodating….

    Just post once and trust me, people will see it. :)

    Sounds like you have a good thing going on, hope it works out for you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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