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    It is my dream, but not a reality as of this point. Slowing buying things to help out if i actuality make it out in the woods! Buying and finding land is a very hard part. It’s very hard to find 2 to 5 acres for sale in Wisconsin ( or Upper Michigan) where i am interested in going.   Only because i have never been anywhere else. My husband says i am nuts, that i am too old, ( just turned 45) so i actually think i am in my prime right now!   For those that actually did go I have a few questions :  What is the best battery to buy to hook up to my solar panels?  i see so many different options but not real sure what one to pick. I guess we need to know what i will be powering. and that i really don’t know- I’m going to be the crazy lady in the woods with a bunch of stuff and have no idea what to do with it or what i want to do with it! ( lol)  What do off griders do for refrigerators? do you guys just build root cellars? i have so many questions that i feel i am overwhelmed.     keeping this post alive to sort out my thoughts- any one have any ideas or suggestions just post away!     I read another post earlier that asked” is living off grid just a dream?” and they suggested to camp for a week and see what its like- i think this is very good idea. Tv makes it looks wonderful ( not easy)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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