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    I have been living off the grid in Southern Ohio for 15 years now.  My house is on a pier foundation with plywood skirting.  I would like to add some type of insulation to the skirting.  I have though of using rigid foam but I am also bouncing around the idea of using straw bales and coating them with mortar.  Any thoughts on this?

    What sort of drainage/foundation would I need under the straw bales?

    Should I wrap them in a moisture barrier?

    Is this a bad idea?


    Thanks for your help!


    Critters will get into straw bales for sure, regardless. They’ll chew on rigid foam too. Is your floor insulated? Do you have enough room under the floor to do anything?

    I helped a friend insulate a floor in one of his outbuildings. (Man Cave) Kinda the same scenario   (on piers with just enough room to get under it) It has 2×6’s so we used R-19 fiberglass between the floor joists. (2′ on center) Stapled it in and covered the whole belly with vapor guard. Used 1/2 inch squares by 2′ wide rat screen and covered the whole works, using furring strips and deck screws on the seams at each floor joist and on the edges along the outside parameter..

    Once we got started, it went in fast and was quite easy. Just make sure you start the rat screen straight..

    BTW.. Howdy, neighbor! I’m in East Central Ohio and been off grid since ’89..


    I guess I thought if the bales were mortared same as strawbale houses are they would be safe & I didnt even think about critters chewing up the foam but that would be a mess.  The space ranges from 3′ to 1′, the floors are insulated with R-19.  I am gonna have to replace some of that cause over the years it has started falling apart.  Once that is replaced I will do something like you described.  I was just trying to figure out a way to create a warmer space under the house similar to what you would get with a clock wall foundation without actually laying block around the perimeter of the house.


    Thanks for your insight & enjoy this snow we have coming our way!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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