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    OK, rbonuc29, having a plan B is fine, heck a plan C, D and E are great to have, what is your plan A? What are you actively working toward?

    If money were no object, what would you be doing right now?



    Good mornign every one.

    Respond to your question Wretha

    “Guncha, does that include property tax, income tax, sales tax and such? Who pays the companies who are giving out all this free stuff? I have no problem with free stuff, I just know that nothing is free, someone is paying for it or there is some slave labor going on somewhere, and even slaves have to be fed, clothed and sheltered… if your government has figured out a way to give away free stuff without cheating anyone or taxing their people to death, I’d sure love to hear about it…


    Goverment pays for all free stuff we have.  The taxes I mentioned are  income taxes. We do not have sales taxes or property taxes.  Just to clarify it si small country with only 6 mln population. And eveythign is gov-t owned.   All power plants and major entities are owned  by state.  The sourse for covering free staff is natural gas. Or country have huge natural gas resourses.  Do not get me wrong, there are of course a lot  for problems with education, health care system etc, it is developiing country. But comparing to other states in the region, we have stable political and economical situation.


    feed us old guys beans, lots of free gas :P
    we could power the world….lol


    ohh if money where no object I would have a house in jersey.

    Land in montana land in tennesee And land in naples. So as to sort of always be in different places. But since money is an object im sort of stuck in cities where a person can work more easily. However in the city housing, transportation and food, is ruining me. it is draining me at a clip of somewhere between 800 to 1,200 a month even with roomates. Cause you know? the cheaper the place is, the more dangerous,

    So i have to live in a certain place or certain places.

    Out of safety this is more like a third world country now. Normally i would rent an effeciency, But these days i need a place Or places, maintained by associations in the event neighbors “act up”. So that forces me,,, intot he 700 to 900 range. Got no choice,,,,,,i need a third party,,,,,,or else it’s me against a neighbor,,,,,so im forced into the 800 plus range. I put a roomate in there anyway.

    but then gas food and energy plus small operatonal credit cards forces another 600 dollars. So imagine.


    currently im taking advantage of the obama care and got into Electronic billing and coding. And will be doing that if i get job. Which even that is not looking great cause “that” market is already flooding. But anyway i will be able to basically run a billing cycle from an office or home.

    but imagine living here im looking at  800 to 1200 a month x 50 months.


    its like 40 to 50 k out the window in 5 years.


    what i do to reduce dollars is the following.

    First i bring in roomates that reduces my dollar consumption by 1/2 ][  900 dollars down too 500.

    Next i am starting a small aquaponics system this will reduce my food/  dollar consumption i estimate by 70 to 80. from 135 too 60  in a few years.

    Next i look for ppl around the area that need rides. That reduces my dollar consumtpion from 130 to 50. Then ,,i ask my roomates,,, to collect shower water,, to use it for flushing. i use old towels for toilet paper. that saves 10 or 15.  change my own oil that saves 20 or 30. But really those are just small things. / T.o Make a real dent or bite, I need land. And an electric cart. And about 4 to 5 solar pannels. thats the only way i can stay at 200 to 300 monthly operations. If it were up to me??? id use no dollars a month.!

    thats the truth.

    im thinking of applying for food stamps. Till my aquaponics system is up and running then get off of it.


    ohh yeah my last problem is land in dade miami is at least 25 k an acre ( and its not clear if you can park arv or mobile on it ) you basically forced to build. thats 80 k plus…

    . Where as naples its 2 an acre/ and you can farm/ put a mobile/ some poultry/.

    So “up to there” is where im at. Great wall of the almighty dollar. Again i can employ tricks all day long till the cows come home. But unless i can rid energy food and transprotation. Really i’ll never be able to save a dime. And I imagine thats what the one percent counts on To keep everybody in a state of perpetual rotational servitude till they expire or younger people come on line.


    this what would be perfect for me


    housing 8 dollars a sq ft , food .35 cents to .50 cents a pound/ then/  ultimately free… / gas free or electric Cart./ energy free.

    like that i got a good to great chance. but here in miami the average job pays like 9 to 12 dollars an hour. And those numbers aint never coming back. So im beging forced to get into this life style.


    Single women searching for any work or help in exchange for roof over my head. I am hard working and intelligent individual. I am capable of doing and learning allot of skills. If interested email me at


    Ah yes, we digress. As a single woman living alone off grid I will tackle any challenge…with one exception. I can’t get comfortable running a chain saw. I admit it. So I’m thinking about getting one of those battery operated ones. Has anyone had any experience with them? Do they have much power, is the battery charger compatible with mod. sine wave inverter, are they durable, which is best, etc. etc. I cut about 4 cord of firewood a year and occasionally downed limbs and trees. Any advice and opinions would be appreciated.


    i tore my right shoulder to shreds years ago,cant run a chauinsaw anymore
    so i use a 1 or 2 man crosscut, if kept sharp they cut real quick
    and they do give you a little workout…lol


    An electric chainsaw works ok, nowhere near the power of gas, but they work fine for many jobs. A battery powered saw is not going to ‘cut it’ in your application. They are fine for light limbing and things like that, but there is just not enough energy available in a battery pack to even come close to meeting your requirements – sorry.

    Perhaps some tutoring and good safety gear would improve the situation? Chaps and appropriate steel toed boots are a very good idea, and a saw with a chain brake would surely raise your comfort level (if you are using an older saw with no brake).


    rbonuc29, you said

    “currently im taking advantage of the obama care and got into Electronic billing and coding. And will be doing that if i get job. Which even that is not looking great cause “that” market is already flooding. But anyway i will be able to basically run a billing cycle from an office or home.”

    I assume that means you are taking some sort of schooling for that? On line perhaps? Good luck, my sister took an online course, got a degree, then found out AFTER she “graduated” and was told she was fully qualified to go to work, that it was going to cost money to take a test to be certified, something the school never mentioned, something that had nothing to do with the school, she was told that no one would hire her without this certification, again it had nothing to do with and was completely separate from what she did in this school… after spending another 3 bills on that, a year later she STILL can’t get a job in that field, no one will hire without experience, you can’t get experience without being hired somewhere… she is now paying back the loan she took out to take the course, which wasn’t cheap. I sincerely hope you can do better, perhaps it’s easier or better where you live… They told her that she could do that kind of work from home too, but the software to do it isn’t cheap either…

    Another obstacle she is finding is all the places she has applied want her to do other things, not just billing & coding, they want her to work a front desk, take appointments, handle customers (in person), one place wanted her to do physical therapy on their patients… another place (an eye doctor) wanted her to do eye tests and set up the patients for the eye doctor… again without experience, it’s been a problem for her to get a job in that field…



    yes what occured is a program came along that offers 36/ months of rent in exchange for grades of 2.0 or higher so i decided to take billing and coding with a health care degree. So that i can do billing and coding. But since there is so many people in this country now. Between 95 and 2013 theres an extra 120 m people at least 60 m new workers. many of them highly skilled now. Plus us , plus younger ppl ,  retirees the result is pretty obvious. Musical chairs when the music stops 3 to 6 people dont get to sit down basically.


    the 1 percent And even the 5 and 10 percent lives for this in equality. thats why they let them all in. In any case the only  solution is clear and that is to slowly fire the dollar. Which is what this site is about. I hope to slowly ween my way off the dollar over the coming years. To the point im only using it for descretion and for for recreation.  Really It does not look good there are immigrants left and right. And then on top of that the dollars worth less and less. Along with the amount of people eating plus where ever these ppl live the rent goes up accordingly. So its alot like a perfect sorm almost.

    I really not able to see a birght future here. So im making preliminary plans to Possibly move to austrilia Where the entire counrty has only 15 m ppl on the west coast. And is only expected to grow too 35 m by 2040.



    yea billing and coding is already flooding up.


    Its a night mare how many available workers there are I would of been hired anytime during the 90’s with half this experience and educaiton….

    These employers have there pick of the litter. Theres really no reason to hire me. I dont posses anything Or will that stands out. I cant take anymore degrees i already have 3. Another loan and ill be in debt for rest of my life already…..So its like if an immigration bill does not get passed. Or this economy does not turn around by 2015. Then i have to start making plans to leave this country cause i am in danger of entering my 50’s in lower middle class. Meaning my retirement will be a night mare.


    rbonuc29: Why not move to Canada? They  have 35 million people in total with some of their provinces having as little as 41,000 people! It’s a heck of a lot closer to escape to than Australia and if you get found and booted out, well, they don’t have far to toss you back in the U.S.

    I’ve tried following your train of thought, rbonuc29, and it sounds like you wish there was a Magic Button that you could push, bringing the U.S. back to the 1920’s-1940’s. Is that correct? People begat people who begat other people: that’s just the way it is. You can’t get any angrier at future generations than past generations could get angry at your parents  for having you and wanting to house and feed you. Perhaps if you left the state of Florida you’d be happier?

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