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    Anyone living off grid or want to learn how ?

    I am wondering how many of you live off grid or are seriously considering doing it ?

    With the economy the way it is and people losing homes and jobs I suspect alot of people will move to a homesteader lifestyle whether they want to or not.

    I live off-grid in a solar cabin I built for under $2000. I use solar for electricity, a solar composting toilet, solar water heater and solar oven.

    I am self employed and because I have no house payment and no monthly utility bill I can live very inexpensively and have a food storage and enouh money to survive quite well for 3 years. I raise a big garden, fruit trees, rabbits and chickens for food. I harvest rainwater and drilled my own water well. I also hunt, fish and trap as needed.

    I am very self-sufficient and I am always willing to share what I have learned with anyone willing to listen.

    You can see my cabin for free ideas and links on my website:




    Anyone in this forum living off grid ?




    Hi LaMar,

    Yes, we live off grid too.

    We built a small cabin and lived there for four year while we built the house where we live now. It seems to be a common theme that people who build cabins are off grid. ;-)

    Our house isn’t finished yet, but it’s very comfortable and I try to add the details of our building projects, how we keep our animals, gardening and living off-grid updated in my blog.

    We too are self-employed and have a small farm. We don’t make a “normal” living, people would laugh if they know what our income was! To be honest, we live really well thanks to our vegetable garden, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, foraging and hunting.

    I try to share my knowledge too and I find the best way is to describe everyday living and develop “how to” sections in the blog. People are shy about asking for information but if you have it already on line they can dip in and help themselves when they’re ready.




    Thanks Irene- that is great. You have a nice homestead. if you would be interested in helping us get a homesteader newspaper going we could sure use some articles and your place would be perfect for our featured front page homestead.

    It would help us and give your blog some new exposure!




    I do! I have lived off the grid for over 9 years now. We work at home on our computers and have a online business. I am a distributor for Curt Mangan guitar strings and also sell a few other things.

    So what do you want to know about it?

    I cook and heat with wood. I don’t feel that living off the grid is a hardship in any way even though my system is small compared to the systems you usually read about. Right now we are living without refrigeration so that instead of paying for propane for the gas refrigerator, we are saving that money to buy another panel and the SunDanzer refrigerator and the freezer.




    Hi Lamar,

    “if you would be interested in helping us get a homesteader newspaper going we could sure use some articles and your place would be perfect for our featured front page homestead.”

    I’m so sorry but I’ve already got far too much to do with the farm and building and gathering in all the veg to store for winter.

    You’re very welcome to use anything in the blog – as long as you link back to it.





    we are off the grid in Ottawa, Canada. Nice family home, 3 bedrooms, standard size and construction…my two year old isn’t complaining either.

    We love it. We had 4.3 m of snow last winter and managed just fine…my mom on the other hand had four major power outages! nasty! i am just happy to not be paying money for an unreliable power grid!


    Darn Lamar! Is there a ‘green’ site on the web your NOT getting free advertising from? I applaud your entrepreneurship!

    Ditch the dependency on generator fuel and propane, you’ll attract more customers.

    Please supply links to any ‘freely’ shared self-sufficiency info you’ve provided. Prove me wrong.



    My hubby and I are living off grid, this December will be one year. We started off small and inexpensively, the biggest cost was the land, and that was not too bad. We did everything ourselves, from building our cabin to hauling our water. We gave up our “traditional” 9-5 jobs, but we still work, everyday on our property, life is good!




    Passive solar is one of the simplest methods of acquiring solar heat for homes. Passive solar heating collects and distributes heat from the sun without external, mechanical pumping systems.

    Here is an information that might be useful:



    Dear flag football, I provide information and ideas. If you want detailed instructions for my designs I spent many years working on I dont think buying a 155 page ebook for $5 out of line.

    Part of being a homesteader is using your homesteading skills to be more self-sufficient which for many of us includes a home based business. Mine is providing quality designs for a solar cabin, solar powers system, solar composting toilet and many other plans at a very reasonable price. If that bothers you too bad!

    I am alway willing and ready to help anyone that is interested in simple solar homesteading.



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    Hello we are now Off-grid too. well its been a dream of mine for many year and now it is so. When i say i am off grid i mean Off the grid AS WELL.

    3 years ago i sold everything i did not need and moved to the Philippines. For a more laid back life. for income i buy and sale items on ebay and do VW repair work. Lots of Old VW’s here.

    Well on june of 2008 we purchased 4 lots and started building our house. the plan from the start was off-grid well my wife was not sold on it. But i talked her into it. By Dec 15 the first level was done and we have moved in. i have built a small wind mill for power and working on larger ones as soon as my motors show up. we have a rain water catch system. and i grow many of my daily vegetables. Its all still a work in progress for us. we are working on a second level and improvements on the systems. But we are now rent free and and the only bills we have are the Wifi and wireless land line.

    I have posted some videos on youtube.



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    Just letting people know the Simple Solar Homesteading ebook now contains plans for the solarium porch, solar air heaters, solar methane, generator, tipi greenhouse and more…

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