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    like i posted elsewhere, i grew up off-grid and our fridge was basically a hole in the ground that worked like a springhouse. A springhouse is simple and easy to build but not real cheap and requires a flowing well or spring. Those are not always handy.

    these ‘coolers’ can be set up anywhere by anyone.

    a pit cooler… the ancient Egyptians supposedly used one of these to make icecream in the desert. find a nice low spot where you can dig and it doesnt fill with rain run off, dig a nice hole and cover it with something heat resistant. open it at night and let the cool flow in, cover it back up during the day, before the sun shines. the temp at the bottom will get cold, but no colder than your nightly low..

    a spring hole (like we used)… do the same as above but look for ground water to fill it and keep it filled. provide an overflow and run off or youll have soggy food and feet.

    root cellar… not fast but way worth having and doing

    icebox..if you can cut ice from somewhere clse by and kaap it packed in sawdust and out of the weather, an icehouse is pretty awesome.

    and last, dont remember the name but they used them in the dessert areas for centuries, 2 ceramic jugs, one inside the other, the outer one filled with sand and kept moist. store your fodstuffs in the inside container. I have been working toward building a large one of these, 2 poured concrete structures, one inside the other, with a 6 inch gap between.

    fill the gap with sand and wet it down good. see how cold it gets inside the inner chamber

    there ya go, hope you all find this helpful



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