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    20″ or 20 Inch.

    Have been purchasing 20″ gas stove – when needed – for 30 years.  Never an issue.  All had standing pilot for oven and cooktop.

    Now I can’t find any.  I don’t want the battery ones as another thing that can break.  With the pilot ones the only thing that ever malfunctions with the thermocouple.  No electricity or battery start to worry about.

    The question is – does any manufacturer market/sell a 20″ gas/propane stove/oven that has a standing pilot?   In US or Canada.



    I don’t think you can get those anymore, we have a small propane stove/oven, we use a lighter to light it.

    Good luck and let us know if you do find anything.




    Well, apparently, the US government in their infinite wisdom – has not banned the 20″ gas stove – with pilot lights.  All others had been banned years ago.   But the 20″ was exempt.

    The 20″ was exempt probably for those without electricity.  Hunting cabins, far away places, remote places and – off the grid as they say.

    I wonder if one can get a gas refrigerator that does not need electricity or batteries.

    Supposedly, one can still purchase a standing pilot 20″ gas stove in Canada.  I’ll do some research into that.  But taking across US border may be an issue.    We’ll see.




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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