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    Hello everyone. Me and my friends, after living in the street for a while and travelling across the country have decided to solve our problem by buying land and living off grid.

    For this we need to amass money we dont have. Therefore we decided to make a donation website and see where it goes. Many people have ask me for proof of our charity and everything, well, we dont have proof, we didnt buy the land yet and we dont know exactly wich land to buy. It all depend on how much money we make.

    And keep in mind it isnt a charity, or an organization, its simply me and my friends, trying to buy land. If you want to visit our website, here goes :

    If you got anything that could help us, or if you want to participate. please contact me ( ) we are located in Canada, and are planning to buy land in New-Brunswick (as it is very cheap )

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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