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    Hey I’m Drew from the Uk. I’m 32 still living with my parents, having spent so long in higher education which didnt help me one bit in getting a job.  Working for a debt company in the office, being yelled at everyday whilst suffering with depression and mild colitis.

    I don’t have any local friends, non that i can honestly really call proper friends. Family who all follow the media and what everyone should be doing, marriage, kids, big house etc. Non of them like me talking about whats happening in the world if it be climate change, fracking etc.

    I feel very alone. I feel all natural fresh and made by myself food would take a while to get use to, but believe it would eventually stop any pain from the colitis.

    I want to live in an area i can call home, protected, learn to build my own home, my own way of life. Obviously id miss a lot of things as my main passions are movies, tv series(not soaps/reality etc) and some gaming(not one of these COD people, games that actually make you think)

    I dont know much about living off grid, or if it would be remotely possible for me with the stuff id wanna still do. Generating my own power for stuff does interest me, growing all my own foods etc.

    So for now all i do is keep saving every penny i have, whether it can be used to buy land, materials, solar panels, anything to help with a new way of life.

    Any suggestions, advice, id love to hear from you.



    Sorry to hear you’re feeling lost!  I’m sure many of us feel that way, regardless of whatever kind of community support we have.  I know I do; I live rurally but this agriculture country is getting sprayed twice as heavy as the nearby city with chemtrails.  In the last 2 years since I’ve been here my health as been a constant struggle.  Put me on a mountain top with 30lbs on my back for a few days and I’ll never tire or waiver.  I walk 1/4 mile in this town and my lungs close up and throw me into an asthma attack.  Not to mention other issues that have arisen.

    So I know where you’re coming from, perhaps a bit.  Everyone’s inclined to pass things off.  I’m not a fan of the term “sheeple”, but too many are too ready to take whatever comes and just sit down in the face of crisis.  I live alone too, and the gnawing fear of knowing the air is poison, my skies are polluted, my land is dying, my soil is dying, my trees are dying, wanting to scream and claw my face because for once I just want to see the sun, but week after week it’s blotted out by the obsessive chemtrail spraying.  My only fix is leaving, heading to higher elevations, to national forests, even for a few hours or few days break to recharge.

    Though we all start in different places and have different wants.  You sound like you’re not sure what you want.  I would do some serious thinking on this.  Natural living and electronics don’t exactly go hand in hand.  Literally they can, but ideally they should not.  Screen time is desperately  bad for our health.  That’s just my own opinion though.  Myself?  I’m self employed with online sales, so it’s an evil I endure grudgingly.  I for one would be happy to never see a screen or hear the whir of electronics again!  But to each their own.

    It’s a tough process, and with little or no skill you’ll be hard pressed to find what you want.  My motto?  “Why not?”  I’m at a stage right now where I’m doing everything I can to gain experience; living alone, gardening, canning, freezing, preserving, raising livestock, nurturing the land, composting, downsizing, traveling, meditating and growing spiritually, building my own tools, out buildings, learning to fix things anyways even though you just don’t have what you need, herbalism and botany, hunting, the list goes on.

    Get out, get your feet under you would be my advice.  Go for it, for something, for anything, and see if you like it.  If you don’t, well now you know!  The only place to start is at the beginning!



    Hi Drew, I’m in the UK too. Whereabouts in the country are you?

    I’m much older than you and have had very different experiences, but as I see it the modern way of life is not really good for anybody. Some people do seem to like it and thrive, but many are not happy or healthy.

    Have a look at diggersanddreamers website, and maybe – there are others too, do a few searches. There are quite a lot of like-minded people out there. There’s the WWOOF organisation, where you can go and help on an organic farm for the weekend, in exchange for good food and a bed for the night.

    Hope you can find what you’re looking for.




    I am living on a rural off-grid farm in the Caribbean where I get lots of time digging in the dirt and time to think. I recommend it to anyone. But, if I may, I have come to think the expression “it is all in your mind” has some truths that are not self-evident but worth considering:

    1. happiness – the study of happiness economics suggests that happiness is relative to our expectations. If you have a suitably low expectation, then you will be happy when the world turns out better than expected! This sounds STUPID on the surface, but modern media gives us a subconscious glossy view of reality. After a few days dealing with intractable mud and ant-bites I discovered that there is NOTHING in the world more wonderful than a simple hot shower. A comfortable bed, and reliable meals are precious elements of the good life, but it is hard to maintain happiness about these things when they come so transparently.

    2. love – religious folks preach that one should love his fellow man, and that generosity of spirit will be rewarded in the afterlife. More pragmatic philosophers suggest giving is its own reward. But these platitudes are difficult to internalize. I have come to realize that a loving and generous attitude creates internal happiness because when you are generous to others, you become generous toward yourself – you become more forgiving of your own shortcomings and disappointments. I do not mean you should delegate yourself to the couch-potato position and forgive yourself for succumbing, but don’t be harsh with yourself for the things you have not yet achieved.

    So by all means, set goals and go after them! Make a plan (don’t just save money and hope an affordable plan finds you) and implement it. And more importantly, learn to enjoy every moment spent along the way – that is where your life is. :)




    I go by “D”, short and sweet. I’m new here at off-grid and searching like everyone else. I see some really good ideas on here and some thoughts that are as good as gold and shouldn’t be passed up. we feel lonely because we are outside the main current where most people reside making it difficult to find others with similar beliefs and desires. I feel privileged to be able to add to this conversation a couple of thoughts of my own that I find helpful.

    It is immensely difficult but as immensely important to not be critical of others. I used to be expressly critical of people’s driving, for example, but I do not believe anyone gets up in the morning, pours a cup of coffee, and says they want to go be maimed and killed on the highway on the way to work, even though this may happen everyday. understanding the stress that people are living with can cause people to not be thinking or make poor decisions. being critical of others will make your on life discouraging.

    the second thing that I have found helpful was to simplify my life as much as possible. the television was first to go, nothing but a negative beat-down on both the conscious and subconscious. my diet and lifestyle were next, eliminating as much stuff as possible and only taking in what was necessary.

    another thing is to do what you can where you are at the moment that you can feel good about. growing plants, even a potted plant by the window. make it an herb or something edible, but make it a symbiotic relationship, not a grow it kill it eat but something you nurture and in return you prune a few leaves for tea. pets help too. if you can’t have a cute furry friend where you are look for an alternative. just make sure you don’t neglect it. care for it and nurture it and you will feel loved for it.

    and if all else fails, pack a backpack, leave everything else behind and go explore the world and discover its mighty wonders and live life.




    Hey Drew, I’m Linda from the UK too, East. I’m 21 living with my parents, working as a call handler/admin. I am sorry to hear you are feeling like this, I think we all experience it no matter where we are or the people around us. I am lucky to have a couple of people who I can talk to without that weird look you can get. But I am the only one who has an interest in living off-grid.

    I didn’t/don’t much about living off-grid either (still learning ) so I spent time researching, seeing what is out there, what people are doing and planning to do.  I am now in the process of organising to do some WWOOFing in the US, for a holiday from work.

    Depending on what you are looking for there are a few places local around the UK that you can either volunteer, WWOOF, or do workshops that can give you experience/skills of living off-grid that you could use later when you find a place to call home. Or if you job jump you around as much a mine, take a break and go learn.

    When it comes to missing TV etc. I am still on the grid and barely watch it unless I am at someone else’s. Mine had to get packed up for a couple of days, a few months ago. Now it just sits there, I even find myself, thinking about the about of time programme takes up when I do watch them. I figured I have sat around for long enough, now it time to do, test it give it a week and you wont miss it. And you will find you have time for so much more!

    I hope you are feeling less alone, the world is full of options we just have to take the first step. It would be great to hear from you see if you have found anything different to me in the UK.






    I have a place off grid looking for people to help interested message me



    Hi Steve you got any more detail on this ?




    Hello Andrew…. from Bob in sunny Florida …. I do a lot of responding on a lot of off grid sites…… basically I have my off grid , wild caught , natural fish farm, like free range fish, if they cant forage in the pond to feed them self’s, to bad. A lot of information is on the web about raising fish for money , and its true Tilapia fillates will sell for $10.00 to $15.00 a lb, but you don’t know anything about where they were raised, were the cross sexed, antibodies are needed in high density stocked tanks, and food is it fish chow 2 grades below dog food, go to this web page N …..,

    A stocking rate of 8,000/acre is frequently used to achieve yields as
    high as 4.4 tons/acre. At this stocking rate the daily weight gain will
    range from 1.5 to 2.0 grams. Culture periods of 200 days or more are
    needed to produce large fish that weigh close to 500 grams.

    Now you do the math 4.4 tons per acre every 200 days at $3.00 a lb whole fish … = $26,400 US dollars…

    Well enough fish talk so Andrew where are you in your research…. do you have any property …. do you really want to go off grid or is it a dream? camp out for a month and get the feel of what is needed when the sun goes down, or your hungry because you went threw all your food in the first week, … a minimum 2 gal of drinking water a day that’s only 27 days from a 55gal blue drum that weights 458 lbs……jot down your questions …then google them first before you ask for help…..would be happy to work with you but my tutoring rates are $25.00/hr…..keep in touch… you have one free question credit……take care … bob …. Sunny Florida central east coast



    West coast of BC.  Wild.  Free.  Lots of OTG’ers to live with, learn the ropes.  Find them by WOOFing.  Go there and work with them for a few weeks.  If you like it, ask to stay.  Many will say yes.  Stay a year and move on.  Fastest way to get a real degree in OTG. Good luck.



    Hi Everyone,

    I’m pretty much off-grid now in the UK. Currently in Worcestershire.

    I’m 36 and have spent my life with technology – too much of it. So much so that after a long term over exposure to the microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones, wifi, etc. I have a rare condition – Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS). I now have to keep away from all these devices and environments.

    To do this, I converted a Luton box van into a cosy home on wheels. Fully shielded from external sources of radiation. Currently living parked up in a friend’s field. Ironiocally, I own a computer/mobile device repair centre. My condition has made it impossible for me to work in my own business, but I do oversee everything from my van which has satellite providing me with broadband (wired!) and land line telephone.

    The plan is to head to Europe in March and travel for a while. See what other countries and cultures have to offer. I am hoping to find an off grid location to live in my van where I’m not surrounded by the perils of people with mobile phones, wifi, bluetooth, etc. There must be somewhere…?!

    This is my van for anyone who’s interested. I’m also doing a Blog.

    We don’t all fit in to this modern, high paced, stressy, technological lifestyle. the more I trawl the ‘net, the more I find people who want to escape this race of rats.


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