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    Made a post but it seems to have vanished into the ether without a trace so trying again.

    Looking for someone  (or several someones)  to help build an orchard, firewood, possibly much more varied  self sustaining farm in Saskatchewan. Have 80 acres and a small start but need help. I’m retired, arthritic and on a very small pension but am  determined to find a way  to make this work.   It’d be a whole lot easier with someone on the same sort of wave length to help out.

    Can’t offer money, but it’s 30 minutes to town where there’s lots of work. In exchange for willing help .maybe 10 hours or so a week, I  can offer a free place to build or park a small house off grid.  I am trying to get a tiny house and a greenhouse up this summer. but it’s tough by myself and there is so much work in Saskatchewan it’s very hard to get help.  If whoever came wanted to help turn the place into an enterprise with several money streams, we could certainly discuss a profit sharing arrangement.

    Would be happy to consider individual or family or possibly a few individuals or a couple of families.  Attitude much more important than knowledge.  Saskatchewan gets COLD in the winter, and winters are long, so people who have varied interests likely to  manage better.

    If anyone is interested I’d be very happy to hear from you telling me about yourself (yourselves).   I thought I saw somewhere there’s a way to contact me privately, if not, leave a message telling me so and I’ll add my email or whatever.  Thanks!





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