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    Has anyone done this? The search engines seem to think I need to do this with the Local Authority. Can anyone tell me their experience of this please? Ta :)



    I might be doing this twice, my apologoes if so! I would like to know if anyone has bought land in the UK and then registered it to start receiving mail there ans if so what they did and how it went. Ta :)



    It’s not easy to do nowadays. Yes, they say you have to do it through the local council, but they won’t register you unless they think you have a legitimate reason for receiving mail there.

    This basically means that you have to be paying either council tax or business rates for a building on the land.

    No planning permission, no registered address!

    I live on land without planning permission, I have a letter box on the gate and I get mail delivered, but I’m not on the database of official addresses.

    I’ve been here 8 years and the letter box has always been there. In the early years a few items of post went missing, but recently (touch wood) they all seem to be getting through. I can’t use it for official stuff though as I’m not on the Royal Mail database.

    I did think about buying a TV and giving this address. That might prompt them to add me, so they can send me a TV licence demand. It worked (accidentally) 20 years ago, but I don’t know if it’ll work now…..



    Hi Mark

    I’m very grateful for your time and response. I will be conducting business activities there so I wonder if this might be the way to go. I am loathe to make contact with the council unless I really have to. Thank you and good luck with all your plans Jane :)




    Hi, I dont know if this will help, but the canal boaters (liveaboards have the same problem of postal identitiy. Google for forums. Having a fixed address is very important for a great  number of reasons. AFAIK, one work around was to use their base marina/boatyard office if suitably friendly. Be aware that  PO box is often unacceptable to senders (eg Ebay banks etc). Sometimes a local convenience store might accommodate you if you are a good customer.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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