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    a good book is better than heartache or a backache anyday. its always good to read up before you try
    so why dont we share the titles and authors of the books we have found the most helpfull and informative?
    like M.G.Kains “Five acres and Independence” a very usefull book for thoase wanting the simple life.


    Hi again, beast.


    I posted this on another website, so I copied and pasted my reply here. I’ve NOT read this book: it’s not even released yet. But, it came to me in my amazon read’s listing and I’m passing it along.



    ‘Okay, I’m passing this along to whomever finds it helpful. I don’t know if it’s Truth or Rubbish; it’s yet to be published and reviewed. I just received an e-notice of new books from amazon and thought it might be of great interest to some on this site. At ShopDeerHunting (dot) com, it sells for $16.49, plus if you buy it there, you get the digital version as a pdf. file, for FREE!!!

    Here’s the title and the blurb about it:
    Title: “Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living” by Stacy Harris
    Release Date: June 24, 2013 $17.49 paperback/$12.99 Kindle
    Blurb: “Responding to the trend toward sustainable living, Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living helps you make delicious food using natural ingredients.

    Inside this lushly illustrated volume, you’ll find:

    Tips and techniques to grow and harvest natural, organic foods in and around your home.
    More than 80 mouth-watering recipes for cooking those ingredients.
    Tips on preservation and storage of your harvest.
    Health benefits of natural, organic ingredients.
    Chapters cover:
    Gardening – Heirloom gardening, container gardening, herbs and preserving.
    Beyond the Garden – Foraging, beekeeping, poultry and eggs.
    Wood and Water – Venison, wild turkey, duck, quail, small game, seafood and fish.”

    From ShopDeerHunting (dot) com:
    “You’ll Love This If:
    •You are working towards a sustainable living lifestyle
    •You want to make delicious recipes using natural ingredients
    Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living, you will receive a comprehensive tutorial in growing and harvesting natural, organic foods in and around the home along with 80 mouth-watering recipes for cooking those ingredients. Tips on preservation, and storage are also included. Plus, the health benefits of natural, organic ingredients are explored.

    About the author: Stacy Harris writes from a passion that wild venison, turkey, duck, quail, pheasant, fish, fruits, and vegetables without hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and without being genetically modified are the most nutritious and tasty foods that one can eat. She states that whether you hunt, fish, and gather yourself, or whether you purchase from a reputable harvester and shop at farmers markets, changing your eating habits to wild foods is the best choice in health you will ever make. For many, preparing wild game seems to be a daunting task. Stacy has a wealth of the information needed to melt away any intimidation of cooking from the wild. She also knows the techniques to simplify the process of making succulent, excellent meals. Her tried and true recipes come from her love and dedication to offer her family extraordinarily delicious food gathered from the garden, and hunted and fished from the wild.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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