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    I am trying to figure out how to post in landbuddy? Am I missing something lol. We are a family of 5. I am 37,husband 49,daughter 3,sister 37 and nephew 8. We have been talking about living off the grid for years. We have been in Vegas for almost a year, and just can’t deal with it anymore. We are old school.We believe in respect and working hard. My husband and sister work, I stay home, cook ,clean,work from home, and home school. We are hoping to find a community in: Montana,Utah,Idaho,Northern NV,Wyoming. My husband knows how to hunt. We are planning to leave at the end of February 2015. I will let this be known that we do not trust the Government. None of them. We want to be somewhere safe and have all our ducks in a row, when it hits the fan.

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